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  1. "Ctrl + A" is what toggles it for me.
  2. Hopeless Rescue requires you to go from Trapper's Cabin in ML to the TWM Summit, then to Desolation Point. This is a different route from that.
  3. Used a mod, set the time to 7 (when the sun starts setting, sky gets orange and pretty), then turned Aurora on. This resulted.
  4. In story mode when he appears outside of Trapper's to jumpscare you, I shot him and he took off running towards the sun, a perfect photo opportunity!
  5. That's a good question. I'm sure people would've been upset on the devs not keeping their word about the release date, which I think is the main reason they went ahead and released it on time anyway. Maybe Raph lies sometimes, maybe he doesn't. He's only human, and he's under a lot of pressure to please many people and try and retain a good reputation for Hinterland. If you, I, or anyone else were in his position and under that much stress, heck we may find ourselves doing the same thing. I feel it's only right that he and the team take the month off after all this mess.
  6. The wolf carcass is present in Broken Railroad in both Story mode and Survival mode, just so you know. Although, there may be a % chance whether is spawns or not, like all other corpses. My theory is that it was ravaged by crows, even though birds are not shown to actually go down and peck at carcasses, it's pretty much inferred.
  7. I've found that there as well. The same model as (SPOILER) the dead Fluffy in Story Mode. Perhaps it fell down there, or found it's way down there and died from starvation, etc. May have been ravaged by birds, theoretically. There should also be a corpse + backpack and a deer carcass down there, as well as some sticks and firewood. As far as I know, the area is unreachable without mods, yet the presence of resources and a lootable backpack suggests that players are somehow meant to be able to reach it.
  8. Time for a new community challenge, folks! This time, on Stalker difficulty, we're starting at Desolation Point and running to the Summit of Timberwolf Mountain as fast as possible. If you've completed Hopeless Rescue, this should be a breeze for you. It's possible to get there in just a few in-game days, but just how quickly can it be done?? There are no restrictions on what can be looted or from where you get it, but don't spend too much time looting, as the ultimate goal is to get to the summit as fast as possible. Once you reach the tail section, grab the Distress Pistol and fire it. The second this is done, the challenge has been completed, so go ahead and take a screenshot of your current time for proof of completion. The shortest time of completion will be the new record holder! Current Record Holder: @Ruruwawa, with 1 Day, 11 Hours and 25 Mins
  9. LOL. I'll have to play the old version of the game that I have just so I can see that!
  10. I had no idea the achievement even existed when I got it. Pure luck.
  11. I like quartering bears when time and weather permit. The fact that you just hack off his feet and leave them on the floor makes me laugh.
  12. It really was a very rocky launch. It must have been a tough decision for Raph to insist they release when they said they were going to, despite the number of bugs, typos, glitches, etc. etc. I'm sure many people had that date on their calendar, and the team didn't want to disappoint.
  13. Agreed, it would be more appropriate as a player-created feature through mod support, at whatever time that becomes a thing.
  14. I agree. However, the idea of having something like some sort of pick up, place down -able rucksack or something, perhaps crafted from leather/deerhide, would be a neat addition when it comes to gathering together the appropriate set of items for certain outings, like for deer or bear hunting, or for a hefty ice fishing haul. Just a thought I suddenly had.
  15. It may be beneficial to store as many supplies as possible inside of containers. Assuming you've already done this, then yes, go ahead and take some stuff outside. Sticks, firewood, scrap metal, cloth, whatever you have large/heavy amounts of. Items such as processed foods, drinks, and clothing should probably stay inside, while raw and cooked meats are better off outside, as they last longer in the cold. Also, if you have an excess supply of water, that would probably be better off outside too to cut down on the lag time. I wouldn't say there's a specific limit to how much you can store indoors, but if it's taking that long to load then you've definitely got to move some things around.
  16. I could definitely see this being made out of 3 rabbit pelts!
  17. I completed the fishing without getting supplies from the Camp Office first, and placed the fish into the bin. Now it's making me go all the way back to enter and exit the Camp Office before I can finish this part of the mission. The part about entering the Camp Office first should really optional.
  18. Playing on PC, I killed the bear, gave the ear to Jeremiah, successfully completing the Jeremiah's Folly quest. At this point, Hank's body is meant to spawn at Unnamed Pond next to an infinite campfire. There should be a note near the body, and on the Hank's body is the key to his lockbox. The lockbox is found within the Lookout, and it contains a note talking about the Hatch. The hatch is found at the North part of the map, around the Logging area (there should be an exact location marked on your map). Once you find it you can go in. I don't remember whether the Hatch is locked and the lockbox had a key to it, or if it's unlocked to begin with, but either way it should let you in from this point.
  19. It is, I believe, in the desk drawer at the Bank. Try seeing whether you've looted the desk already or not.
  20. Subnautica is a lot of fun, I have it too.