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  1. Guys, I noticed something today about that ammo box under the bed. In older versions of the game, the bed is much smaller, with the box being placed just under the front end of the bed. The box was very easily reachable, and I'm kicking myself now for not taking a picture before I picked it up. I suppose as time went on and graphics were overhauled the devs never thought to reposition that box specifically.
  2. If I had to guess, I'd say your only customers will be wolves. Better stock up on that fresh venison!
  3. When everything but the sky at night was darker than dark...
  4. Yep, footsteps, voice and the sound of opening/closing your pack were all really echo-y.
  5. I believe at least one Cache in story mode contains another ear wrap. There may be at least one or two more as well, but perhaps not. But yeah, they're very rare.
  6. No bow yet! If you care enough to both going through the Changelog to see what is and isn't in this old version, it's Alpha v.183.
  7. Well gosh dang it, now I have to go check!
  8. Today, while playing a MUCH OLDER version of the game, I decided to loot the dam. I was playing on Voyager, so I entered the building and sat in the lobby crouched with my rifle ready. Nothing happened, so I spread out my bedroll and slept for 2 hours hoping to wake up to a fight. Still nothing! I very cautiously tip-toed past that first doorway, tossed out a flare, and ran back for cover. Not a sound, other than the fizzling flare. I thought to myself, "huh, maybe Fluffy didn't spawn this time? I'll loot carefully and keep my ears wide open." So I picked up my bedroll, walked passed my flare and went straight into the control room to the safe. After a few seconds of safe cracking, I hear the unmistakable "EEK!!" as Fluffy enters the room to attack, but sees my wolfskin coat and books it back down the hallway. We both scared the bajeezus out of each other! As Fluffy scampered back down the hall to the generator room, I ran after them through the darkness to take advantage of knowing their location and finish him off. At the entrance to the giant room, I stop and take a breather. A head pops around the corner and grows at me. The battle ensues! I stab quickly with my hunting knife and Fluffy runs off yelping, however getting stuck next to the nearest generator. I pull out my rifle, BANG! The beast is dead. Until next time, Fluffbutt.
  9. Nice! I think I found one in one of the upstairs rooms.
  10. I believe the water taken from toilets should be changed from potable to non-potable, so you have to boil it clean first. Makes more sense to me.
  11. Red herring can? Isn't it an empty opened can of pinnacle peaches? Or am I missing something?
  12. Aren't those on opposite sides of the map lol
  13. Definitely going to try this out, @Doc Gonzo. Thanks for the shoutout by the way, glad you liked my Dam Challange. I'll let everyone know how things go once I get around to doing this.
  14. When snow shelters were added to the game, I believe in the trailer for that update Raph said something about wildlife still being able to attack you from inside, and to watch out for an angry bear that may drag you out, etc. I recently was using my snow shelter next to Quonset to avoid Cabin Fever, and had a close call with an Aurora wolf who was checking things out. So the question is, while huddled in a snow shelter, is it possible to still be attacked or are we safe?
  15. There's actually a few mistakes, like "somebodies silent clearing, i forgot" is Dave's Quiet Clearing, and should be a bit south of the Camp Office. So I was way off there. The Logging Camp trailers should be closer to the Lookout. Clearcut is a little further south, I think. The lil destroyed house is the Deadfall Area, which is slightly off position and I believe should be further south a bit. But despite these mistakes, it's still fairly accurate and was a fun way to test my knowledge.
  16. Congrats Ruru! Looks like @RossBondReturns (or anyone else!) will have to work hard to beat that record!
  17. It's definitely a challenge with the new way time survived is being recorded. Really wish the devs brought back the old way.
  18. Can't argue with that. It was a bit silly though having to return to the Camp Office to get the necessary gear when I already had it.
  19. I guess you're right, it's sort of designed for newer players who don't quite know the maps or much of anything yet.
  20. Have to agree with you there, that might've been a better move.
  21. Great job! I'm happy to see that despite this challenge already having been thought up and posted by somebody else, essentially, that someone still wanted to give my version a try. Seeing as how you're currently the only one to attempt it, you're the new record holder.
  22. Apparently so. This challenge doesn't involve returning to DP, just staying at the Summit and firing it there.
  23. Thanks for showing me. Honestly thought I had come up with a fun, original challenge, but I guess somebody else had the same idea! Oh well. Anyone who wants to try this version anyway still can.