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  1. Over the many hours of playtime I've had over the years, I've gathered together a lot of useful information that may be new to other players, for both those who are new to the game and those who are experienced. I figured, why not share them? RESOURCES - In case you didn't know, you can harvest curtains, pillows, old bedrolls, and clothing for cloth or leather to use for repairs. - Branches, sticks, stones, and some other natural items will respawn after about a week in game time. - Need coal? Head to a nearby mine. I'm not positive, but I'm fairly certain that coal respawns after a certain number of days. FIRESTARTING - Firestarting skill still low? Make a torch, and light it. The lit torch can be used in place of matches when firestarting, and if it fails, it can be used to try again until the torch goes out. Only one match has been used for this. - A lit flare can be used in place of matches. - The firestarting process will keep hostile wildlife at a safe distance from you, as they do not like fire. FOOD/DRINK - Water is heavy! Don't carry too much around with you at once, and make extra to keep in your base to refill your inventory supply occasionally. - Stunning rabbits with stones is easier than some people make it seem. You can crouch and strafe to right in front of a rabbit's path to get an accurate throw. - Heating up food before eating it does not increase the amount of fullness it provides. It just helps you warm up faster. - Coffee decreases fatigue by a bit over time. Once one coffee wears off, drink another. This can be useful for those long, dark nights when you're not ready to sleep yet! - Herbal tea gives you more restful sleep. If your condition is below 100%, drinking herbal tea will allow for sleep to recover condition faster. - Drinks do not have to be consumed while hot to reap their benefits. - Eat your lower quality food (30% condition or lower) before going to sleep for the night, provided you have antibiotics on hand. They're more likely to give you food poisoning, but you were about to sleep anyway! - Hungry and Thirsty, but all you have is salty crackers or beef jerky? Sometimes its best to wait until you have water (unless your thirst is already at zero)! GENERAL SURVIVAL - Always keep your bedroll with you. Do not leave your bedroll at home. This is my #1 Rule! You will wander further away from home than you thought you would, there will be unexpected blizzards, things happen. An exhausted survivor is not a thriving survivor. - Raw meat, cooked meat, or rabbits in your inventory will attract predators. Either use this to your advantage, or store it at your base ASAP! - If you have a rabbit, some raw meat, or even a bit of cooked meat on hand, you can drop a decoy by holding Spacebar and clicking the relative Drop Decoy button. This will attract nearby wolves to its location, giving you a few seconds to get away to safety. - Stones can be thrown near wolves to spark their curiosity. They will trot over to where the stone fell while you sneak past. - Throwing stones at an angry wolf will NOT scare it away. - Crouching while moving near wolves is a good way to not be seen by them. You can get surprisingly rather close without being detected. - If you play on a laptop and with a separate wireless mouse, you can click both mouses during a wolf fight to double your click speed. - A bear's weak spot is right between his fluffy little ears. Also, he may rear up on his hind legs to intimidate you before attacking. The heart is a good spot to aim, too. - If you're feeling brave enough to shoot a bear, don't use a bow and arrows. Use a rifle, and shoot from a far distance. Chances are, the first shot will not kill him, and he will come barreling towards you faster than you can say "Oh, bother!" - So you've just been beaten up by an angry bear. Unless you're stupid, like me, don't pick your rifle back up and starting shooting at him again. Go home and recover. - Sometimes a bear will beat you up, start to walk away, then turn around and decide you haven't had enough yet. Don't stop to pick up your dropped items, just run! You can come back later to get your stuff. - Stabbed a wolf or shot a deer, and are now waiting for it to stop fleeing and drop dead? Wait for it to get to a place you can see it, then pull out your cards and Pass the Time for about an hour or two. Usually, they will die on the spot. - A circle of crows flying overhead signals a human corpse or a dead animal on the ground below. You can use them to locate animals you shot/stabbed previously but lost track of. - Looking for a good base to settle down? Pick a spot that has an indoor fireplace (fire barrel, wood stove, etc.) and plenty of storage containers. A workbench would also be preferable. - Caves are warm. The entrance of one is a great place to spend the night with your bedroll. - Caves are also dark. No lantern? Use a torch or flare. Matches work in a pinch. - Do not attempt to traverse through caves without a source of light. You may fall and get hurt, or even die. - Some caves have flares hidden about. Keep your eyes open for them and have a couple with you in case your lantern surprises you and runs out. - Lit flares are also good for scaring off wolves. So are lit torches. - Hypothermia risk got you worried? Your survivor is stronger than you may think. Check your condition by holding Spacebar and clicking the center button. Under Afflictions, you can see the Hypothermia Risk square filling up slowly with red. Use this to check how much time you have before you need to run inside and warm up. - Some trees have hollow trunks. It's not warm in there, but it will shield you from the wind while you catch your breath or manage your inventory. - Have plans for the next morning? Wake up and there's a roaring blizzard? Stay inside. Wait until it's over. Even if the hypothermia doesn't kill you, getting lost will waste your time and energy. - Organize your belongings! It's a pain to sort through tons of stuff when you're looking for a bandage to stop yourself from bleeding out. - Speaking of that, it's a great idea to keep one bandage on you at all times. Old Man's Beard dressing or Antiseptic is good to have at all times, too, to follow up on using the bandage. Blood loss rarely comes without infection risk. - Going to Timberwolf Mountain? Bring lots of Painkillers, you'll need them eventually. - Always carry two bottles of antibiotics with you. Food poisoning can strike at the worst of times, like while you're out scavenging. - No painkillers or antibiotics when you need them most? Make tea from rose hips or Reishi mushrooms. - Sometimes it's not worth it to use your painkillers to treat a sprain. Just sleep for a few hours instead, assuming you've found a safe, warm location. - Climbing up a rope, but running out of energy? Use an emergency stim. If you don't have one, analyze a climb before starting it to see if it has any ledges. You can stop climbing, look over to the side, and click when you see "Ledge" to get off the rope and catch your breath for a couple minutes. - Stuck on a ledge? Too encumbered to get back down? Drop all your stuff, including your clothes, if necessary (but not your bedroll!). Climb back down and find a safe place to use your bedroll to build your strength up. Climb up again and retrieve your stuff from the ledge when you're ready. - Trying to get through Forlorn Muskeg? Struggling with weak ice? Either run over very small stretches of weak ice, or travel between patches of snow to avoid the ice altogether. Ice with snow on top will not collapse. - Avoid locations like Forlorn Muskeg, Pleasant Valley, Desolation Point, and Timberwolf Mountain until you have some very decent clothes to keep you warm. The weather in these locations can be very harsh and bring your temp down quickly otherwise. - Trying to use a forge, but the temperature won't increase anymore? Add coal. It's the only fuel that will increase the temp from that point. MISC. - You can flip down the visors in the front seat of a car to mark that you've already looted it. This is visible from outside the car. - If you want to see whether a car has been looted from a distance, you can open the hood and grab the car's battery using the right mouse button. Left mouse button click to place it on top of the car's roof. - You can also flip open the gas cap! As of right now, however, you cannot siphon gas out of cars. - Some locations, like Desolation Point and Coastal Highway, allow for "beach combing." Useful items wash up along the shore and are up for grabs. I've found things like fish, wood, flare and rifle ammo, and so on. But beware of weak ice! - When comparing clothing stats to choose what's best, keep in mind that clothing in poor condition has much better stats when in good condition. - Reading skill books is definitely worth the time. However, they make very good fuel if you decide you don't need the boost in that skill. - You can change the way units are measured (Imperial/Metric) in the Settings. - Don't like holding down the mouse button and waiting for the circle to fill? This function can be toggled under Settings>Controls>Accessible Interactions. If you have any feedback or suggestions as to what should be added, please let me know in the comments!
  2. While I agree with you, wolves aren't necessarily as tough as they may seem. I just ran up to 4 wolves on purpose (for food) at Coastal Highway near the deer carcass outside of the Townsite, left them all wimpering and bleeding out as I walked away with 55% condition and a sprained ankle. They're not killing machines from hell, as long as you've got a decent hunting knife on you and a speedy clicking finger. I actually play on my laptop with a wireless mouse, and during wolf struggles click the laptop mousepad and my wireless mouse to get double the clicking speed. Just a tip, if you happen to use a laptop as well.
  3. Always go to the Riken in DP for a forge. Always.
  4. Absolutely! I had around 10 cups with me at any given time during the mountain climb. They were absolute priority haha.
  5. After many previous trials, I finally beat the challenge today! Woohoo!
  6. I actually came very close to trying to sleep in my bedroll to get me out, but decided against it and quit to go play Hopeless Rescue instead! I'll just resume the save at some point later on. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Was walking back to Hibernia Processing, my home in Desolation Point. Passing by the Stone Church, I stopped to draw an area onto my map, then resumed and slid forwards a bit into a decline against a fence. I have tried crouching and walking in all directions, and even dropped some coal to try and lighten my load and sprint out of the hole, but to no avail. I took some screenshots of my view. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Same here. It doesn't take long after dying before I'm ready to jump back into it again and start a new save.
  9. Interloper's biggest challenge for me is being at the complete mercy of the spawn chance of matches.
  10. For me, permadeath has always been a large part of the game's challenge. It makes you think about risk. What do you have to lose by doing something that may get you killed? Is it worth potentially losing all the hours of gameplay put into this save? Having the ability to respawn would no doubt turn the game into something the devs did not have in mind - a game where you're able to lunge yourself off a cliff on purpose, die, then come back to life with no penalty or perhaps only simply having lost your items where you died. This is The Long Dark, not Minecraft. While I respect your opinion of the game, understanding that permadeath is not something that everyone can appreciate in a survival game, I still have to disagree with you about to what extent permadeath affects the gameplay experience. It does not necessarily ruin your ability to have fun in the game, nor does it severely limit your ability to enjoy the game in different ways depending on your playstyle. I'm personally a huge fan of the game and have put over 125 hours into it. I urge you to give the game another try, as I'd love to see you realize that the forced permadeath in the game is just another one of its many features, and that the game still has the potential to be very fun.
  11. The replayability, even given the frustration of losing a long-played save.