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  1. I believe I found it at either the entrance/exit of one of the mines. Sorry that's not very helpful, but better than nothing!
  2. I noticed my mistake shortly after, when I was playing the game again. Will edit my post appropriately, thanks for the correction.
  3. Just a few nice shots I took towards the end of the Whiteout challenge, wanted to share them.
  4. I'd love the play the sounds from Carter Hydro Dam in my own house. cREAaAaKk~ *sound of thumping in the air vents*
  5. Great pics! Think you might appreciate my Forlorn Muskeg sunset pic.
  6. Depends on what region I'm in! In ML, it's the Camp Office. In CH, it's the gas station. DP, the whale processing facility. FM, it's the Poacher's Camp, then Old Spence Homestead when I'm able to get there. PV, the farmstead. TWM, Mountaineer's Hut until I'm prepared to climb to the summit. At Broken Railroad, I stay in the Maintenance garage obviously!
  7. LOL I HAVE ACTUALLY SAID THIS TO HIM BEFORE. "Yeah, you need to drop that attitude, honey.."
  8. I've had dreams about shooting wolves one after the other with my rifle, haha
  9. Ah, but I believe Energy Bars do not lower your thirst I sometimes imagine the same thing though!
  10. Funny, when it in public with my mom once, I tripped on a small incline and went "OW. That smarts a bit.."
  11. Your father calls your cat "Fluffy" and you immediately dart your head in that direction.
  12. I was playing Story Mode the first time I came across the kill/release option. Of course, with the rabbit's big wiggly nose and innocent eyes, and the "mmrh?" noise it makes, I couldn't kill the first one. Makenzie patted the rabbit's ears back and put him back on the ground. That was the first and last time I ever released one!
  13. Stone-Age Sniper achievement, I accidentally got that one. Was actually still able to run right over and snatch him up in time, somehow.
  14. First taken at FM, second at DP. Taken using my phone to capture my screen lol. Love the colors of the sunsets and of the Aurora.
  15. During the first Hopeless Rescue run I've ever successfully completed, I remember being very close to reaching the summit of TWM. I was at the final climb, exhausted and encumbered, so I chugged a coffee and used an emergency stim. I got to the second ledge, so very close to the top of the climb. "I could just take a little nap, right here.." Too tired to complete it safely. I wasn't about to attempt to climb the rest of the way, then fall and die on the very last climb. How pathetic that would've been. I was too encumbered to get off the ledge and climb back down to the ground, so I dropped everything. Literally stripped completely naked. Had my bedroll still, of course. Left my stuff on the ledge and climbed down, sprained my damn wrist and ankle upon touching the ground. I mean, come on.. So I hobbled to the conveniently placed cave nearby, the one with the deer carcass in front. Unrolled my bedroll and took a nice, 4 hour nap. Woke up, grabbed my bedroll, then went and climbed back up to the ledge and collected my things. And re-dressed myself. Finally made it over the climb and got the flare gun. 2 days left to make it to DP. Got lost on the way down the front of the mountain. Wandered into a pack of wolves, but had my rifle so it was okay. Got to Coastal Highway at night, a raging blizzard was going on. I saw on a map online that there's a trailer close to where the mine lets out, so I thought I could go there and wait for the storm to blow over. Got lost. Eventually found the road. Picked a direction and used an emergency stim. If you ever thought the blizzards in this game made it hard to see where you're going, you've never been in one at night, sprinting down the highway on copious amounts of epinephrine. For the first good 20 seconds, I was completely blind, sprinting in whatever direction I was facing because I had no time to lose. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the right direction. I got to the coastal townsite, heard some wolves howling nearby, and ducked into a building. Slept for a nice 9 hours, because I certainly had that much time to waste! Woke up, ate and drank and continued down the highway. Killed two wolves, but still made it through to the Old Connector. Upon arriving at DP I had 2 hours to get to the lighthouse. Got jumped by a wolf, but had a knife and fought him off. Finally made it to the lighthouse with such little time to spare. Was very happy to see that I had, in fact, grabbed one flare round to fire.
  16. I was on Pilgrim. Forgot about "predators will not attack, unless prevoked." Shot a bear, thinking I could one-hit kill him like I did my first bear. Nope. After being pummeled to within an inch of my life, I figured, well surely a second shot will put him down! Nope, again. I bled out. And that was the end of my longest save, about 145 days. Had just made it the the summit of TM the day prior, too.
  17. h e l p m e he looks like a shocked pickle