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  1. Goddd that reminds me of the time a few days ago when I used a stim and went blindly sprinting down Coastal Highway in a raging blizzard, at night. LOL
  2. I don't go out during the Aurora, for that reason. Regular wolves and bears and bad enough, but now they're glowing?!!
  3. Strip naked and sprint to collect the items! That's what I do.
  4. Thanks, now I know! I've just recently started using PrintScreen instead, but it's good to know I have options! Here's one I took yesterday. It's now my laptop's background.
  5. ~Lalalalala, goin' to the Dam..~ NEVERMIND.
  6. Crouching works wonders! And having good aim/decent rifle skill. You can shoot a bear from a far distance and he'll come charging towards you, giving you a good opportunity to get a head shot if you're quick.
  7. Triple checked the floor and my inventory, they're nowhere to be seen. Later discovered I had lost my 100%, full lantern as well. Ugh..
  8. Was in the Carter Hydro Dam. Dropped all my clothes on the floor to lighten weight. Came back, deerskin boots had glitched and disappeared. They're gone, kms.
  9. Then I immediately started slaughtering everything. Warm furs for me! Deerskin pants, deerskin boots, bear fur coat, wolf fur coat, and rabbit mittens!
  10. I think it took me around 3 days during the challenge. I had went through on a different save on Pilgrim to learn the pathway up, so I'd be prepared. Think I did pretty well.
  11. Now that I look back at that last pic I'm no longer sure whether that was dawn or dusk.
  12. Just a couple of Aurora pics I snapped on my most recent Loper run. Plus a random sunrise in FM. Enjoy!
  13. HAHA. "Come in from the cold, my little wnuk. Babushka made you some nice, hot pinnacle peaches~"
  14. The balaclava force switches to innermost once you put a hat on. The hooded scarf counts as a hat.
  15. I had never heard of this before, thanks for correcting me! I'll try this method from now on and see how it compares.
  16. I used to literally turn my head and close my eyes before the snapping sound. Stopped doing that soon enough lol.
  17. Thanks! It was a lot of fun. I'm considering trying it again at some point to improve my best time.
  18. You know what, it really is like being in an action movie sometimes! ...As long as your gameplay consists of more than just sitting by a fire eating a pack of beef jerky.
  19. Currently wearing a balaclava while doing The Hunted challenge. I'm sure to the old bear I look like a nice, juicy pickle.