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  1. I went over to the Hunting Cabin, got the rifle and skipped out on the flashlight. Was I supposed to get that?? I'm already back in Muskeg!
  2. Great work! All that meat looks tasty lol. Another bear close by is in the neighboring region, Desolation Point. Consider hiking over there with some bear meat and your first bear fur + some guts to cure them in the Hibernia whale processing building while you prep for your next hunt! The bear over there has a cave just next door.
  3. The growled at me when I came closer lol. I managed to crouch and sneak past them and get out of the maintenance yard, I assume they despawned once I got a certain distance away.
  4. **POTENTIAL SPOILERS** After the cutscene where, in the Broken Railroad body shop garage thing, you go back outside, hit your head, pass out, etc. wake up and it's night time and the Aurora is going on, you see the electricity flickering and all that, plus two Aurora wolves walking close by right outside the open door. Well the next morning, I go out to leave and continue my quest yet the two Aurora wolves are still there, during daylight, guarding my exit. What's up with this?? Intentional, or a glitch?
  5. getting the meds for Jeremiah. Just got the key. But was going to do some extra exploring of the dam before heading back to Trapper's.
  6. Yes, currently playing and about to get down to the generator room. Then to the lower dam.
  8. Stormwolf1O1


    Hi all, My question is this: Is Fluffy in Wintermute at all? I'm not scared of regular wolves but something about being stalked by a tougher, well-known wolf through a decrepit abandoned hydro dam and potentially being jumpscared, really makes me nervous. So is he/she there?
  9. I'm sort of unsure as to what you're asking. You're not getting the Aurora lights in the sky during the night, but still getting the flickering lights and green windows, etc.?
  10. I've noticed that, makes having 0% condition raw meat in the game kind of pointless if you ask me lol.
  11. You know what I just did? Saw under mastered cooking benefits that you can't get food poisoning anymore. Ate some raw meat without thinking. Got food poisoning. No antibiotics. Died.
  12. My mistake, like JAFO says it's actually just fire-level 3 where you don't need tinder anymore. I was thinking of cooking, which I just mastered. No more food poisoning for me!
  13. Since I maxed Firestarting and no longer need Tinder for anything, it makes good bread crumbs.
  14. I'm able to just directly upload images from my computer into my posts. Don't have to use Imgur or anything.
  15. Here I come, in my broken plane! One large pineapple human pizza, extra human, and a large diet summit soda!
  16. Hello, I just recently finished up Episode 2 (I believe) where you **SPOILER** climb down the first small cliff and soon come across a guy being attacked by a bear. Wintermute ends here for me, rolls the credits and leads me back to restart from the very beginning. At first I thought this was what everyone experienced, but now I am not so sure as I'm seeing people talk about "Jeremiah" and "the bear quest" and the like. What's wrong with my version of the game??
  17. "Has my lunch delivery arrived already??"
  18. The "Turtle" method! Saw that video on YouTube today.
  19. I actually only used Paint for editing and layered things together in Powerpoint!
  20. I've used the PV farmstead screened-in patio thingy to off that bear that patrols the area. Was super easy, and getting all that food inside was a piece of cake.