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  1. That's the way I do it, too, but I've gotten cocky in the past and surprised myself with my accuracy. Line yourself up with them, aim, then stone 'em.
  2. The 500 days across all playthroughs is now a Feat in-game. I think that's the one that, when enabled, has your survivor need 10% fewer calories. Or was it 200 days across all? Man, I'm confusing myself.
  3. I actually got Stone-Age Sniper by accident! But it wasn't very difficult, you just have to know how to position your hand in relation to the rabbit and be able to judge when to throw based on the rabbit's speed and proximity to you. (It's a lot less complicated than I just made it sound lol I swear). I'm currently living on the summit of TWM on my current longest save, which is on Pilgrim for the purposes of lessening danger. Hoping to get to day 500 eventually, but for now I'm around 210. Almost halfway lol. In the meantime I'm also using the same save to get other achievements, like Skilled Survivor, Resolute Outfitter, and Wrapped in Furs. Gotta get that 100% completion baby!!
  4. The attack animation is supposedly beary scary! Not sure how or if it differs at all from the attack of regular bears, but even that is scary!
  5. What achievement is 200 Days? Do you mean 500?
  6. The mine that goes off the main road, not too far away from the DP entrance, is a popular place for getting coal. It respawns in there every once in awhile. As far as metal goes, try to find a hacksaw, as metal objects like 'metal lamps' and toasters can be broken down for scrap. Also, if you find an extra, lanterns and can openers can be harvested for scrap as well. Sometimes the hole entrance of the Riken will have a piece or two of scrap just lying on the ground outside in the snow, but not always.
  7. Sounds like the Whiteout challenge! Lol. But usually in those regions, blizzards don't wait that long until they start hitting. I've had them within the first 24 hours of starting, easily -30F at night and a real bear to try and stay warm enough.
  8. I've seen some people ask what they look like, compared to regular bears and Aurora wolves. They look exactly like the bear version of an Aurora wolf. Black and neon green, with glowing eyes. Here's some decent shots I got: Ooh, spoopy... I am playing on Pilgrim, so I was not able to get too close without him fleeing. I will eventually try to get one to attack me so I can get some real nice up-close pics.
  9. The Riken is the ship directly out front of Hibernia, not too far of a walk. Very hard to miss when the sky is clear. Edit: I should also mention how to get inside. There is a hole in the left side hull of the ship. Click where it says "Enter" when you hover over the warped metal around the hole. What's neat about the Riken is that there is a harpoon gun mounted on deck, hinting that it was one of possibly many ships in Hibernia's whale hunting fleet long ago.
  10. I managed to find a heavy hammer on the workbench at Trapper's in ML. Surprised me, but was a very welcome surprise! In DP you may be able to find a heavy hammer in Hibernia, and possible in the Riken, not sure. Desolation Point lives up to its name, and is not one of the best places for scavenging. If you've got any sort of weapon, rifle or bow, however, you can hunt. If not, there's a few rabbits near the bear cave/waterfall area, and near the Stone Church. Hibernia typically has some processed food items scattered about, and there's a secret area on the lower floor that almost always has at least one or two cans of food. The two trailers on either side of the main building may have food as well. The lighthouse is a good place to check briefly also, but I would not make it your base in DP or anything as it's a bit of a walk from there to anyplace else in the region.
  11. Playing on Interloper now, did not find a bedroll at the Camp Office, but did find the firestriker someplace else. Don't remember where, maybe the Lookout or something. Have also been to the tower, all the ML ice fishing huts, the cabins along the edge of the lake, the Dam, and Trapper's. Moving onward to CH now to see what else there is.
  12. Was that a play on words? Poor bunnies..
  13. This morning my mom came in to wake me up, and jokingly said "Look, there's a bear outside your window!" Good god. I had just been playing The Hunted the night before.
  14. Good tip! I've only managed to one-hit a bear one time.
  15. There was a period of a couple years where I stopped playing TLD. Put about 150 of the 200 hours of gameplay in over the last two weeks, upon the release of story mode. Last time I had played previously, wolves still looked permanently like they'd just seen their mother get hit by a train.
  16. Well....*sigh* *turns on Runescape soundtrack*
  17. What's the best way to get the Fire Master badge, under Feats? (Successfully start 1000 fires) I'm at 33% right now, at 200 hours of gameplay. That's 330/1000 fires. It's not really feasible to just casually get this badge without literally pulling a Runescape and going out of your way to build a bunch of fires everywhere. Or can anyone think of some other way?