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  1. There's a problem with this somehow, but I can't quite put my finger on it...
  2. Accessibility is always a good thing. I think the first is a reasonable request that really should be implemented. The second probably involves a good deal of work by the developers, so it might have to wait until TLD2, but it would be fun to see. Great ideas!
  3. At the moment they do nothing. Perhaps Hinterland has a plan for the future? People have suggested things like siphoning fuel, but for now the removable caps just taunt us.
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    You're not playing the game right, @hozz1235. All that fun you've been having is just an illusion.
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    Again, this is why we make turning off permadeath an option in the Custom Sandbox, so it's there for people like @hozz1235 and myself, but everyone else can continue playing as normal. It's a win-win. Backing up game files works, but it is cumbersome, and it would be nice to not have to resort to that. (In the interest of disclosure, I've only backed up my save once, and that was before hauling a large amount of gear across the Ravine; it took a lot of trips, and I didn't want that game to end just because my hand slipped at the wrong time.)
  6. Fluffy just keeps getting trapped in inconvenient places, doesn't she? It kind of adds to the character of the Coastal Townsite, IMO. This is better than the wolf that freaks out on the Fishing Camp dock.
  7. The Forlorn Muskeg is pretty wild, but I agree that more regions like that would be fun.
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    I'm not 100% sold on permadeath. Different people play the game for different reasons, and not everybody wants the challenge or has the time to start over with one bad mistake. Given that we now have Custom Sandbox options, I think the best solution would be to keep the standard modes as is, but have an option in Custom to turn off permadeath. I doubt it would be too much of a strain on the save system to work that in. It doesn't change the base experience one bit, while providing the option to those who want it.
  9. The world would be so overrun with corpses, they'd have to make it into a zombie game just to deal with them all. It would be fun, though, to see a map listing all of the player deaths around the island. I'm curious to see where some of the "hot spots" would be.
  10. If they did, you could just sit on that porch and take pot shots at them all day.
  11. I've been thinking for a while that the game could benefit from some kind of a "quest" system. Now, before anyone goes off on a rant on me about how I'm ruining everything that TLD holds holy, let me clarify what I mean: I do NOT mean Wintermute fetch quests. I haven't even played Story Mode yet, because that doesn't interest me much. I also do NOT mean some convoluted quest mechanic with a quest page in the Journal and quest markers and all that. The game can remain exactly as is. What I want to see are reasons to get out and go to places that give some color and character to the world. The game already has this, it just doesn't do anything with it. The note in the Mountaineering Hut could turn into a find-the-clues mystery tracking down what happened to the poor soul. Some of the notes left in DP and CH hint about people moving around – what if you could find out what happens to them? There's no quest log, just following notes and other clues at your own pace, only the player's curiosity leading them on. There may only be a corpse with a mouldy granola bar at the end of the trail, and that's fine; the story itself is the reward. All of this could be done quietly and subtly through notes and other objects that could appear through the world. Anyone not interested in them can just ignore it. Maybe one or two stories out of a selection per game? Maybe more, if there's enough that you're not always finding the same ones.
  12. Thinking a little more, extremely rare animals that may not show up (if at all) until late in the game (over 100 days?, pick your number) that give you better gear might be something to make the late game more adventurous. You see a new marking that shows the super-bear is active, and you can track it down across regions trying to catch it. Something productive to do when you're trying to reach 500.
  13. Not a bad idea, but I'd want it to either be an option or get some special reward for dealing with "boss" critters. Maybe an extra strong pelt or something that can make better versions of the existing clothes. If it's just for the challenge, definitely make it an option you can turn off.
  14. Yeah, I've been wondering this too. I usually go to the journal and switch to crafting from there. I've been assuming there's an easier way, but haven't found it. It's not like there's a shortage of keys on the keyboard.
  15. I didn't know that these existed, it would be nice to have a map or list of places to avoid or something.
  16. This struck me as funny, given that we're playing a game about being cold and hungry during an apocalypse...
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    Still, that could give you a nice fire to warm up to.
  18. It's just a Will-o-the-Wisp leading you off to an untimely death in the Muskeg or the jaws of a wolf.
  19. @Alyosha, it sounds like your real life is Long Dark enough! Any wolves in your area? Hope you get back to the Muskeg soon. I'm hoping that I can spend some time in Milton soon, but we'll see if it happens today.
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    Ice Box

    It's not, unless you drop it when they are actively tracking you (like a decoy). But it would sure make the game different if they implemented this. I think it would be a good thing.