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  1. That's good. Now you can die in Mountain Town instead!
  2. Yeah, I love the in-game brands and would love to see more of them just to see what crazy labels HL will come up with.
  3. Caves are pretty neat, so this could be an interesting addition. But there would need to be some reason for people to actually go there. If I were surviving on my own, I'm not sure that spelunking would be high on my list of priorities.
  4. Prestermatt

    My Wish List.

    Hinterland, please make this happen!
  5. Prestermatt

    My Wish List.

    Oohh, caltrops. Those would be handy. These are good. They may need to be memorialized on the Post All Your Bad Ideas Here thread.
  6. I'm still just trying find one of the &@$#% things. Camping out in Milton Basin was fun at first, but the excitement is wearing thin. But I will try to remember to report back when I've succeeded.
  7. I can't wait to hear if V2 makes it to the top. I tip my hat to you, sir.
  8. If Hinterland adds deerskin doggie booties, I'm quitting the game.
  9. Green, glowing eyes? Turns feral? I'm not sure why dogs wouldn't be affected like the wolves are. That could create an interesting dynamic and dilemma for the player.
  10. What would happen to Doggo during the Aurora?
  11. Are you sure they are destroyed and not just "hidden"? I've lost a bunch of arrows hunting, only to find them rolling around in the snow a few days later.
  12. That's going to take an awful lot of fishing to fuel...
  13. That might help with the Coastal Townsite.
  14. Go explore? My Custom run is around day 65, and I've only covered Mountain Town, Mystery Lake, and a bit of Forlorn Muskeg. I'm planning an expedition to Marsh Ridge and Milton Basin, hoping to bag the elusive moose. There's still a lot more of the island to cover, and no need to hurry.
  15. I assume it's for age rating and general audience squeamishness reasons. But it's a fair point. Given the context of the game, "waste management" would be a real challenge. Even just working your zipper isn't easy in frigid temperatures, let alone anything else, and then there is sanitation/health, not attracting animals, etc. It would certainly make getting dysentery or food poisoning much more... complicated. It's the kind of thing that would make the game better, but I doubt they'll ever include it. And I'm ok with that.
  16. The bastards have it coming.
  17. Spence Homestead. There's also one in a car in CH/DP area?
  18. Nice writing. Thank you for sharing!
  19. All good ideas. I definitely want to be able to call in air strikes.
  20. From what I've read about @mystifeid's play style, I'm guessing 100%.
  21. I had never heard of the Group of Seven, but I just looked up their art. You're spot on. I wonder if they were a direct influence on the game design.