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  1. Seems like a post worth reviving, though. I'm in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, now, but grew up in northern New York State, 20 miles from the Québec border, so I still have to remind myself that Canadians aren't all French-speaking.
  2. Yeah, it seems like it's just about every night for me. Fun, though!
  3. "Hopeless Rescue" sounds like a good way to transition out of being... hopelessly stuck.
  4. "Mountain Dew" was a slang term for moonshine liquor long before it became a soda brand.
  5. I agree, though I'm curious about what those worlds might look like. Could be interesting, if bizarre and unplayable.
  6. Are you sure about this? I'm pretty sure I remember scaring a wolf who had just killed a rabbit (it was a Pilgrim game), and I was able to harvest the carcass. There wasn't much meat left, but there was some, and the pelt and guts were there too.
  7. Prestermatt


    Particularly if the rabbit bite gave you a disease. It would make throwing stones a bit more risky.
  8. Prestermatt


    I think glow sticks would be fun simply because glow sticks ARE fun. But only if there's a satisfying "snap" animation -- like twisting the rabbit's head, but without murdering a cute, fluffy, innocent animal.
  9. Yeah, I hate that place. I feel physically ill after making the crossing. But that's why I love this game: it's so quiet and peaceful, and then you have to cross the trestle... with the perfectly-timed music that doesn't cue in until you've already committed yourself.
  10. No reason? Like I said, I play the game because of the way it is. What you describe sounds fun to you. That's fine. It doesn't sound fun to me. Please don't belittle me and my play style just because it is different than yours. I imagine there are a lot of people here who would agree with me. I know there are a lot of people here who like the idea of NPCs in Survival, because even in the short time I've been on these forums I've seen a lot of posts just like yours. Which is why I'm ok if it's an option that can be turned on or off. Hey, I might even play with NPCs myself sometimes, just for a change. But I'd be very sad if they put NPCs in survival permanently and took away the very thing that makes TLD so unique.
  11. I want an "Iron Stomach" feat, so I can laugh at that 5% can of dog food.
  12. This. I love the quiet isolation, and the fact that it's always challenging but rarely rushing at you — with those occasional sudden bursts of action being that much more exciting. It's a game for introverts, and I love it.
  13. I like the trail marker idea. People already use random things (sticks, stones, water bottles...) to mark paths, it would be nice to have a more elegant solution. Using cloth would be good, since that is often a valuable resource and you'd have to balance marking trails against repairing clothes.
  14. I would enjoy this as well. Kind of like the Tropico system.
  15. Strictly an option? Ok. But one of my favorite things about TLD is the complete isolation. Character interaction isn't what I'm looking for. I can get plenty of that in other games. The wolves (and occasional bear) are enough for me. Whenever anybody suggests NPCs in Survival, I get worried that Hinterland is going to listen and take away the reason I play the game.
  16. I like the idea of different guns – finding the first rifle is exciting, finding the third or fourth not so much. But keep them rare, i.e. same total number of guns in the game, just vary the types. It could add more variability to different runs: a game where you find a shotgun first might play very different than one where you find a hunting rifle, a pistol, etc. Different ammo types could force you to think carefully about what weapon you take with you and how you use it.
  17. I was working in my garage a few weeks ago and heard a dog bark nearby. I immediately tensed up and started looking around to see where the wolf was,