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  1. Yeah but, getting the same problem to happen no matter how many games we start on survival is a MAJOR issue. I can say that me and other 2 friends spent the last 3 days on PSN chat, playing a combined total of 40+ hours in SURVIVAL split between 20+ different created sandboxes, and all of them were lost due to an unreadable save file. There is simply no way to progress. We always end up loosing our saves.
  2. Ok, lets see if I can help you. Problems happened on the last version before the recent patch and then after as well. Current version: v1.0.3 (32306) This was on SURVIVAL mode, but one of my friends had this problem playing on story mode after a crash. One of 2 scenarios happened and resulted in a lost game: - After a crash, when entering/leaving a building holding a lit up lantern on my hand. I got blue screen, restarted the game, game wouldn't read my save file (which was on the HDD with the same file size as other saves and no corrupted icon or any indication of corruption). Was carrying a lot of items with me (around 40kg). This happened twice. - After I exited the game normally to upload my save to the cloud (hoping to have a backup in case something went wrong). I started by forcing a save (entering/leaving a cabin) and then quit the game, loaded the game again to check if I could resume, and the game just didn't want to read my save anymore. This happened 3 times already. So as far as I can tell, they could be completely unrelated problems that result in the same outcome (stops reading save file), OR, the crash just forces me to re-open the game and realize my save was already gone in the first place. On all cases, I was over 14 days survived when the problems happened. My other friends playing with me over PSN chat, had the same problems stated above, both with around 7-8 games lost each. Either crash and save is gone, or quit the game to make a backup and the save is also gone. If you need the save files (.bin) those could be provided as well as I made a backup on my pen drive.
  3. 5 Sandbox save games completely lost so far... game is unplayable. (im on PS4)
  4. Could we please get someone to read this? This should be your #1 Fix. 5 Sandboxes so far, all saves lost. The game is UNPLAYABLE.
  5. Same on PS4, either save lost after crash, or just over time by just playing the game.. its like the game stops saving (or reading saves). 5 Sandboxes so far, all lost.
  6. Same problem here, game crashed on PS4 after opening a door to a cabin. Blue Screen, restarted the game, can't see my save game file. Went into Saved Data Management, save file is there, does not appear corrupted (doesn't have the lightning icon), file size is 3.15mb as are all other saves. Can support address this issue please?