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  1. So, I bought this game and started playing the Wintermute campaign. I'm no stranger to survival games with brutal curves, I love Don't Starve, but I'm getting frustrated with this one. My main problem is that clothing doesn't seem to have any real impact on the temp stat. It feels like every time I step outside it's 3 arrows down on temp and I immediately start losing condition. God help me if i want to harvest 7kg of deer meat, obviously a super human feat. Most of what I have is the starting gear, but I have found some cargo pants, mittens and a scarf which were all upgrades, but I haven't really noticed any improvement on my cold stamina. My gear isn't frozen but it seems like I get maybe 3 min of exploring time before my thermometer is red. I've reached Milton and am collecting fire wood and it's just a huge pain to have to build a fire 3 times a day to not perish. Is this normal? Am I missing some basic mechanic of the game? Lord knows the game doesn't really give much info... Thanks for any input here.