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    Boite à idée

    Je suis daccord avec toi car jai eu la meme expérience. le truc c'est de faire petit par petit pour toujours avoir a faire quelque chose et puis tu peut reussir des defis aussi. evidemment seulement en attendant els mises a jour.
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    Boite à idée

    Bonjour a tous les français et même les québécois qui lisent ce message. j'adore ce jeux et j'ai une superbe idée. Le renard est le logo de Hinterland , alors pourquoi pas en implémenter un dans le jeux. il serais très difficile a trouver et il y en aurais quelques uns seulement sur toutes les maps par exemple 3 ou 4 .de plus il pourrait s'enfuir lorsque il nous voit et il pourrait nous voir de tellement loin qu'il faudrait être reposé au maximum pour pouvoir le toucher avec un balle ou une fleche. de cette manière il serais encore plus difficile a chasser ou a trouver. Ce serais génial si nous pouvions fabriquer avec les peaux une tuque (bonnet en France) qui ne pèserait presque rien et qui serait extrêmement chaud et il couvrirait bien du vent en plus d’être styllé.
  3. haha i hope it will be my turn next time
  4. I think the fox will be better on the head than under your smelly socks. its a better representation of the hinterland .
  5. can you help a little bit like just tell me the region where you are
  6. Maybe a new map and a new animal the moose. Hinterland have already made a sneak peak of the moose:
  7. Hey hey look my base at the underground of farmhouse at pleasant valley day 214 i put my tool and other stuff like taht on the gground i have my clothes collection my AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! food storing system and SOME... pelts and hides.
  8. You are not far from trappers cabin and you will go at the tunel to go at forlon muskeg
  9. Maybe a santa claus will be at a particular location during a aurora or other thing and give you some presents with good randoms items in. But the problem is at christmas we are not playing the long dark we will be with our family or friends and its can be one day before.
  10. What Hinterland will ad this year for halloween? or for christmas it will be cool .no?
  11. I have my base at the camp office. I can place everything that i have and its close to fishing cabins deers ans wolves. also from the forge. I have never see some bears in mystery lake exept in hunter 1 and 2 also in hystory mode. i just do the trip towards family farmhouse for the bears. my opinion is: the best long-term survival base are camp office or the farmhouse.
  12. Sorry it is google traduction ;( . maybe you're right but it can be funny when the game will finish the developement.
  13. I lowered the sound, and i have searched the trappers homestand without sucess
  14. Yes in a brown house with a canadian red flag. and its behind a red house in the principal street the key was in the bedroom on the desk
  15. Hello community and developers, For some time I started playing the long dark and I found that there was something missing in the game. The main purpose of this game is to survive if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, surviving in 5 maps of just a few kilometers may after some times become bored. I do not criticize at all the work of developers who have a lot of work. but I see only one solution to this problem: to set up a small application inside the game allowing the community to create maps and to be able to share them. I can understand that all these ideas can be long to code, but I prefer to wait 5 months see even 1 year before the next update and have the ability to create maps only to have updates every two months and bug fix. But it remains to have the opinion of the rest of the community because I do not think its will be just for me! :) Please give your opinion below to know other players' opinion Thank you.
  16. Yes pretty cool thing. and with every item that ye have in the game.!
  17. Hi here i want to share one of my ideas. It is a bear spray. This item whoud be a weapon and it works only on bears. It could be easyer to find than the flare gun. You can use it more than one time and recharge it.