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  1. i think it should be crumbling highway because we dont see these types of plants at PV
  2. oplli

    Wolf Pack

    what I propose is not all the wolves make part of a pack because in this case obviously we should kill all the wolves to have the skins or flesh of a single.or another option might be to make packs of different sizes like 2-8 or 6-15 in stalker or interlopper for an example
  3. What do you think about wolf pack with a alpha wolf stronger than the other wolves. beacause in the long dark the wolves are alone and it would no be realistic.
  4. the ambiance and when we hear firebrands (on the fire)
  5. i was a thing that i whould never have imagined but it could be pretty awesome
  6. Yeah i think is could be really funny and i hope we will se that chages in the game.
  7. 1500 calories are really insane. i suggest like 700 calories max and it could desydrate a lot. dont forget it would be only salted paste. do not forget what is only salted paste
  8. ok i stop trying to guess i will try an other picture.
  9. on the top of the echo ravine at TWM
  10. on the top of the echo ravine at TWM
  11. Im not shure but behind the trappers cabin
  12. Another time both of you got it so decide between you who will do the next round!
  13. OK now where is will ! Pretty easy.
  14. it was like 4 meters from the mosquito netting or on. at the pleasant valley farmstead towards a deer and a big three.
  15. hi i dont know how can i grab this ammo box please help me
  16. hint it was not at DP beacause we cant acces to the waterfall
  17. i think is in TWM and it will be not far from the summint (airplane)