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  1. I had exactly the same issue Zurin described above. Lost 3 game progress on survival until now...
  2. Save files are disappearing on survival mode! Lost 3 of them and more than 30 hours played... I'm done with this game until you guys fix this issue. I hope lost all your game progress be more important to fix than a floating grey mother neckless or radios playing music without aurora. In love with the game but how can you guys release it full of bugs? Seems like it still on early acess test... anyway, hoping a fix soon before giving up about trying and lost all progress.
  3. Decided to give another chance to the game so I started another sandbox since day 1. Lots of crashes again when suddenly at day 9 I was just walking and gamae crashed one more time. When returned save was corrupted AGAIN and didn't appear to load or resume. If you're playing on PS4 Pro you don't need a crash while autosave is running to lost all your progress... it can happens even walking and be the next victim! NICE GAME... TRASH DEVELOPERS!
  4. Me and other 2 friends was playing all night long on PS4 and all of us got several crashes in lots of locations around the map. Finally it happened when I was passing though a door and got my save file corrupted losing 32 days survived on sandbox mode. File appears normal on PS4 HDD but it doesn't give me option to load or resume my sandbox game. Thank you for amazing experience about how to lost 12 game hours in first game day! Lost all encourage to keep playing or even start it again (and maybe same thing happens one more time). Giving up on this game right now....