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  1. @Patrick Carlson Thanks for the article. I was thinking that it had to be labeled so I made sure to point that out in my post.
  2. Great shot, but this is the introduce yourself page. You should post these things in the art section. @AlphaCEIRA
  3. Let me know what you think! If you would like to make a background for a set amount of monitors also tell me because I only have backgrounds for singular and dual monitors currently.
  4. Its meant to be a fan game so technically I am taking the idea but thanks for the feedback
  5. So, my question to everyone reading this is, what do you guys thing about a sidescrolling 2d game based around the long dark and its story mode? I am a fan of TLD and would like to try my hand at game making using Game Maker Studio Pro which i bought at the humble bundle going on currently. This would be my first game made completely from scratch and not in a drag and drop type system. I already started but would like some feed back. I have a sprite for the main character (tell me what you think) which I will post down below. I am going to try my hardest as a first time "game dev" to make
  6. @JAFOThis wolf he is talking about is in the story mode where you have to find a safe deposit box key in a barn.
  7. I checked steam and it only talks about the release of Wintermute. Hope you get what your looking for
  8. Never had this problem personally but I would safely say no because of how long it has been out and how polished it is compared to the story.
  9. I totally agree with this. Having a sense of danger in a building is a must have because at the moment a building is ALWAYS a safe spot which shouldn't really be the case. I feel that the barns spread around and the whaling warehouse would especially good for this because of the open holes and things in the buildings.
  10. Yeah you can get down (which I see you did) and it will work but just for future reference try to carry a rope at all times in tmberwolf mountain due to the high amount of cliffs all over the map.
  11. Not sure how that happened. Was it just that singular item or did others disappear? Sorry i couldn't help but best of survival to you
  12. Hello! So to start off, by TLD photographer I mean that I make desktop backgrounds that are for people with dual monitors. I will post single monitor versions if you want! Just comment if you want them. With that out of the way, I am a 14 year old (yes i know) that has been playing this game since the 2014 Christmas update i think. I love the game and fully support it and its community. I think the thing that originally drew me to this game was the art style. I am a huge fan of the way the game looks. Personally I think that it is similar to the Borderlands series in terms of art. Once ag
  13. Hello again! I have some more backgrounds for people with dual monitors. If you would like me to make another post with the single monitor versions leave me a comment! Thanks for your support and don't forget to recommend what i should take pictures of next! (Yes, again I know about the file name)
  14. You should try a sketch where you try to do thing you learned in the game irl. Such as eating every 5 seconds (same with drinking) or trying to shoot a gun for the first time. Thats just what came into my head at first glance. Have fun working on this!
  15. I made this for my personal use and will be making more in the future. Let me know any suggestions! (Yes I know about the name of the file lol)