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  1. yeah great analizys .i feel more related to the change about the confirmation on the radial menu when trying to cook.i just tried the update recently and yeah... i cant count the times i got stomach sickness for that reason but i do feel like the update is really an improvement to the game
  2. i finished the game and i could open all the doors locked.i can tell as well i remember there were none at the lookout of mystery lake i think generally the keys are more or less close to the respective doors to unlock but i cant remember the exact locations .sorry pal
  3. 1 minute late...i came to share this info...btw when i tried to scare the wolf whit flashlight they attackedme faster
  4. dont worry i didnt see that as insulting...thank you very much for the advice nice comunity btw..
  5. this is what i agree more whit i didnt wanted any afliction that could posibly get ruined my crafting schedule..and well the most idiotic thing i could do is go for a "walk"in the midnight whitout chek equipment and well this game it self yes it is ,being in 2017 lol i agree but i couldnt see the way to finish that story alive.because my healt bar was at 20%and keep droping for the even if i managed to pick some sitck(imposibru being that dark)till warming up it was too for the blizzard raging all the entire final week ...well ..if you
  6. yeah i tried this but nothing happened at the i just finished the story whitout taking part of that : ( but i had not problems whit aurora at all.i entered and went out of the damn several times..even go back to mystery lake and came back at the dam in diferent ocations whit and whitout the aurora.after the first time(that suppose to triger the cutscence)and nothing worked well anyway i was thinking on replay the whole experience one things get fixed(and i mean a lot of things that i have allready reported/hanks lockbox and another several less gamebreaking bugs)
  7. You can try.. I wish you luck in getting a clear answer.
  8. yeah i saw the video just after posting the first one.. all i can say everything is real if you use...
  9. no problem mate .you are fine i also enjoy seeing all the possible variables at the moment.but just being clear about it.i normally eat all the food as quick as i can just to not atract posible predators..and since i just woke up whit a empty stomach the first thing i tend to do is eat and drink water just after each meal that gets you thirsty
  10. man maybe i sound too "clever"to reply all the situations whit answers to every one of it..but i had allready ate the fish...or im indeed a bad luck son of a mother
  11. maybe if we ask the devs if it is possible first ..i dont know .maybe he was sleeping there because of the blizzard.could it be a new behavior?? man this isnt the first rare attack i got from wildlife.once i was at the only fishing hut at PV and a blizzard came as well ..having enough wood to survive the entire night i decided to cook fish and sleep..but allways sleeping by 4 hours max just in case something go wrong(after the frostbite insident i got paranoic about it) so i woke up the storm was gone and being almost full rested and not having much to do i decided to try making some sc
  12. yup ..i checked the entire are before..also this was game was started just right after faithfull chartographer update and stoped one week before release of wintermute.when begin to play wintermute.2 august. i didnt came back to play sandbox untill i finished the 2 seasons.and that took some time becasue of the several bugs at release(in fact finished the story not being able to do a couple of things)so i waited to fixes ...more precisely patch 4..meaning 1 week ..after i finished wintermute i went back to sandbox/survival and again .even after updates i double check that cave and there was no
  13. sorry i dont know about that .just wanted to say ..i love you pic mate..maaan pin up girls !!!all i can say "all this cold is making my head feel thick" : p sorry for that
  14. also i do know the most comons caves used by bears are close..the first is near a destoyed house in the midle of a little birch tree wood..and the other one is at the base of signal hill and near the farmhouse..i allways let my rifles near in those specific locations because i well aware of their little trips to the barn and farmhouse respectively