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  1. @stratvox I did what you suggested: Changed my graphic settings from fancy stuff like ultra/high to medium. Mac is also breathing better now too. Yay!
  2. Thanks, all is well now. Apologies to OP if derailed your thread a tad. Hope you get fixed soon.
  3. Numerous graphic bugs for me, but opens fine. Also using iMac, late 2013. Pretty much unplayable following update. Cabinets and the like have no doors, but behave as if they do. Buildings vanish, in daytime the colours flood the screen and at night darkness consumes - all was well previously. Frequently get stuck in the graphic mess. Ho hum.
  4. *Issue now resolved**Just downloaded update. Game felt very laggy, but that happens sometimes. Left cabin in Mountain Town and the outside got very distorted. I had a flare going to fend off a wolf and it got worse. The screen flooded with colours, and buildings became invisible and I was just stuck, game kept freezing and in the end had to quit. The graphics pretty much resembled broken glass. Hope this helps, next time I will remember to grab a screenshot. Edit: Also cabinets, fridges etc. are missing doors, but behaving as normal. At night, torches and the like are consumed by darknes