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  1. I went a good portion of the way through episode 1 without pants as well. I wish your Will was wearing your actual gear in cutscenes. The cutscene with grey mother would have been hilarious without pants on.
  2. Monsarona


    I am sorry you feel the need to not play anymore. But if you want to come back I think you will have even more fun. I suck at this game. I have been playing for a while and I can barely get past a week or two in game. However, the dying is more fun. Everytime I die I can make it maybe 1 more day or 1 more hour. The progress makes dying worth it.
  3. I tested it a few times. The phone is upstairs next to the front door. You aren't supposed to answer it. If after you hear it you make a beeline to the phone it stops abruptly before you can reach it. It sort of gets explained later.
  4. While all game developers aim to have software that is bug free, it is almost impossible to release ANY software that doesn't have bugs. Web browsers have bugs, Windows OS has bugs, and of course games have bugs. If you can get anywhere close to only 15-50 bugs per 1000 lines of code you are doing really well. You cannot expect any software, no matter who makes it, to not have bugs. I am not saying that the bugs people are experiencing are not frustrating, I totally understand it even if I haven't run into any yet myself. However, the comments here just show a lack of understanding of how software development works. The best thing to do is just be patient. They are squashing bugs as fast as they can, and they are also humans who have to eat, shower, and sleep. I am sure they love this game 100x more than you do, so saying they don't care or aren't trying is just messed up.
  5. We have to keep in mind that in game development there are a lot of features that the community want, that the devs themselves want, but do not ever get implemented. Features get cut all the time in game development. We were lucky enough to be involved in this process but the downside of this to us, and to the devs, is that now we feel disappointed when if they never shared that part of the development process with us we wouldn't feel this way. I am not saying it was wrong either way, it was awesome, we just need to keep in mind that they didn't have to share all of this with us to begin with. And I don't think anyone said that this is the end of new content or features. I believe they can make this game even better with all the feedback they are getting, as long as the feedback is constructive.
  6. I mean, I get what you are saying but I think it is what gives the urgency to find Astrid, otherwise why is Will going through this effort? Not saying that someone wouldn't trek across a frozen wasteland on the brink of death every day for hundreds of miles to find and rescue their good friend or co-worker but it is unlikely.
  7. I wouldn't say that I am disappointed by the storymode. I just think Will as a person is kind of boring. It is kind of strange that he is willing to do these fetch quests while also missing a loved one but, whatever, the lady has something I need so I'll do it. Honestly the storymode makes me wish I was playing from Astrid's point of view instead. Her journey is seeming to be much more interesting to me. lol Since I play as the female character in survival mode I like to pretend that I am playing as Astrid while Will is out there catering to the old lady and "looking" . I am just waiting to be rescued. But I spent 200 days waiting cause some old lady needs her firewood lol.
  8. That is what I did as well. Luckily there were plenty of rabbits around to get more hide. Just wish I hadn't sacrificed some items to make room for the hides in my inventory. xD Coulda used the weight for something else.
  9. Not sure if anyone else has seen or reported this yet. Rabbit hides (possibly the other hides as well) will not cure inside of the Trapper's Cabin in Episode 2 if they were obtained in Episode 1. However, freshly obtained hides from rabbits in Episode 2's area will cure. Haven't tested other locations yet or other game playthroughs or other animal hides. (I also submitted a formal bug report as well) Figured I'd let people know to make sure you finish curing any hides from Ep1 before moving on.
  10. Gonna sound really nerdy but: The frosty windows that give the indoor environments such good atmosphere.
  11. I got stuck on the bridge at first as well. But if you back up a bit and go down the path to the right side right before the bridge you can go down and take the long way around the bridge by walking across the lake underneath. I did this a few times, taking the long way around the wolves. It seems like every few feet there is a wolf in the middle of the road. Annoying but challenging.
  12. Hey, the earth is flat and gravity is just caused by the earth moving constantly upward.
  13. Have you pulled the piece of metal out of Will's hand yet? If not, just look at it and click the mouse button(Or whatever equivalent on controller) repeatedly, much like a wolf attack. If that isn't it, can we get a screenshot of where you are stuck?
  14. I will need to use the hatchet more often, if I can ever find one. I got into playing this game a few months ago because I was really into playing The Forest and The Long Dark came up as a recommendation. I was intrigued by a survival game with no zambiez or other supernatural/mutant threats. Just you versus nature. And I fell in love with it as well. I have only played about halfway through the first episode but I am loving the campaign so far and I love the art style of the characters, even if Astrid's mouth kind of looks like she is talking behind a mask instead of moving her lips.
  15. I know its irrational but I have such a phobia of the wolves. I get almost full body shakes when I know one is stalking me. It is so hard not to run.