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  1. Hello friends.

    It is with heavy heart that I have to say, I expect that I will be banned within next few days, for my post in here. Here it is in a quote:

    4 minutes ago, Mroz4k said:

    Walking around this unnecessary argument, Id like to return back to the topic at hand. :) 

    I have much to say about this, I could get into how this suggestion suggests a weapon that would have quite possibly more features than the recently added Revolver, which is a weapon that has been on the development shelf since alpha (the files existed for it since long before Story mode). While I agree the feature of wind-dependent weapon is very interesting, I don't believe it is worth the great amount of work it would have to be put into it to see it added. Because, lets take a look at what is actualy important - game relevance:

    This weapon game-wise is almost entirely identical to Distress pistol in what it does. It is a mid-to-close defensive weapon which is light to carry, designed to scare the animal away instead of actually killing it (before you argument that Distress pistol can kill, I think its safe to say it is not intended to, only as a "one in a thousand" kinda shot, sadly most people are so proficient with the gun that they developed hunting techniques to use distress pistol. If anything, I would rather the devs removed this feature from the Distress pistol instead, make it 100% non-lethal, because it would make the game more challenging). The only "relevant difference" I would see in this Bear spray and the Distress Pistol is that Bear Spray comes in pre-loaded with 2 shots, and the wind feature with added conditions (condition pain is fine cause it is already in the game, I imagine the added visual blur would be treated by potable water, to wash out the irritant from the eyes). The loper argument is moot because Distress Pistol spawns in Interloper as well.

    I also suspect that most of you have realized this weapon idea is basically a copy of Distress Pistol but no one said anything out of fear. Pity what this place has become. 

    As you can see (in case it gets removed), I doubt there is anything less passive then what I wrote, yet if you are reading this and I havent been to forums for a couple of days, it means that this got me banned.

    I refuse to be threathened by a ban in what I can or cannot express on these forums anymore. I imagine there are a lot of people who feel exactly the same way. I just hope, that in case I get banned for this, that there will be someone brave and inspired who will stand up for this community in my stead. Against all the nasty shit that has been plaguing these forums since before the Ranger update, and all that threatens the very core of what this community stands for. 

    Know that all I ever did on these forums was out of love for all of you, my fellow community. I never had any authority here (contrary to what the Staff would like to portray me as), but I had earned a lot of influence here, because of the respect you have all given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for it, it has been my greatest honor. 

    If I get executed, it is my last wish that someone within this community takes over my mantle, and watches out for the interests of this community.  We may not have authority, but we can become influencers on these forums, and with that influence, born of respect by your fellow community members, you have the tools to protect them, in our own, unofficial kind of way. You have my blessing to do so.