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  1. Been playing a lot of Skyrim Special edition with mods, a lot of em are hunting related mods, I felt like playing a more RPG centered game and add survival aspects to it to make it more realistic, yet still let it remain a magical RPG :D 

    Gotta love all the hunting mods that exist for it. I love TLD, but right now, the amount of mod content that Skyrim has allows me to get more satisfaction in there. I do plan to come back to TLD eventually of course :D


    1. XaldinVii


      I know the feeling. I take breaks form TLD but always come back to it after a couple months. I am currently on a break from it now, even though all the new content came out, playing a second play thru of RDR2 and I also find myself hunting a lot in the game. That illusive Moose gets me in RDR2 as much as TLD, still haven't bag me one yet for the antlers for the camp...