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  1. I havent really been around the forums for a long time. I am certain I would not be welcomed. There was a time I was putting together a case with proof case-to-point to point out to most of the subtle manipulating that has been going on for a while, at least at the time.

    Then my exams hit and I just did not have the time to keep up. Well, exams are over, yet I still feel no desire to return because I would likely not feel welcomed anymore.

    I am content with how much I did for the community, even if it were behind the scenes and never recognized, getting credit for it was never important to me. Making the community better was. And even if there are those in here now who perverse that to boost their own egos, I know that there are some amongst you who care for this community and are keeping it going even if its behind the scenes and without any gratitude. This is how these forums always worked.

    This is not a goodbye of any sort, but I figured some people might expect me to come back at any time now - this is me letting those who care know that I am not yet ready to do that. I have also stopped putting cases together to prove the manipulation, because I feel very dispirited to keep trying to do that.

    In the end, I dont believe it would stop the manipulation and intriques anyway.

  2. Should you need to contact me for whatever case, you can usually find me these days on my Steam account Mroz4k. In case you dont have Steam, you can also try your luck at Twitter, also Mroz4k, albeit I have not spend a lot of time these in these past few months. I do check in there from time to time.


  3. I know I have not been active on the forums for a long while, I barely ever pop in here and there to post a quick comment or so.

    I had plans here on the forums, most excited I was about my collab with @DarKube and @SneakySquid, and I hope I get that chance, but if I dont, I am sorry to my fellow collab partners for leaving them with it. Should it happens, I will try to get my ideas to them via someone else, and they have my full blessing to take over my idea in its entirety.

    I have been spending a lot of time on modded Skyrim, I had an itch for a more RPG centered The Long Dark survival game, with the correct mods, Skyrim has provided just that. I love and will always love this game for what it is, but there is also a lot of satisfaction in walking the frozen tundra of Tamriel, shooting bow to hunt deer, bears and trolls, camping by a campfire in a tent of leather or hides, and just enjoy the freedom in it, with its RPG and random encounter features to spice things up. I will get back to TLD eventually.

    But right now, I am having so much fun with the Skyrim. I initially wanted to try it out because I was inspired by all the talk of mods, and because I long-since suspected that should TLD become open to mods, it would solve their entire problem with lack of "features", because as soon as they would open the game up to modding, the community could have their own features made for the game, and everyone could eventually be satisfied, because even if the Devs did not share the same outlook for the game with these particular players, these players could get what they want via a community made mod. 

  4. Hello friends.

    It is with heavy heart that I have to say, I expect that I will be banned within next few days, for my post in here. Here it is in a quote:

    4 minutes ago, Mroz4k said:

    Walking around this unnecessary argument, Id like to return back to the topic at hand. :) 

    I have much to say about this, I could get into how this suggestion suggests a weapon that would have quite possibly more features than the recently added Revolver, which is a weapon that has been on the development shelf since alpha (the files existed for it since long before Story mode). While I agree the feature of wind-dependent weapon is very interesting, I don't believe it is worth the great amount of work it would have to be put into it to see it added. Because, lets take a look at what is actualy important - game relevance:

    This weapon game-wise is almost entirely identical to Distress pistol in what it does. It is a mid-to-close defensive weapon which is light to carry, designed to scare the animal away instead of actually killing it (before you argument that Distress pistol can kill, I think its safe to say it is not intended to, only as a "one in a thousand" kinda shot, sadly most people are so proficient with the gun that they developed hunting techniques to use distress pistol. If anything, I would rather the devs removed this feature from the Distress pistol instead, make it 100% non-lethal, because it would make the game more challenging). The only "relevant difference" I would see in this Bear spray and the Distress Pistol is that Bear Spray comes in pre-loaded with 2 shots, and the wind feature with added conditions (condition pain is fine cause it is already in the game, I imagine the added visual blur would be treated by potable water, to wash out the irritant from the eyes). The loper argument is moot because Distress Pistol spawns in Interloper as well.

    I also suspect that most of you have realized this weapon idea is basically a copy of Distress Pistol but no one said anything out of fear. Pity what this place has become. 

    As you can see (in case it gets removed), I doubt there is anything less passive then what I wrote, yet if you are reading this and I havent been to forums for a couple of days, it means that this got me banned.

    I refuse to be threathened by a ban in what I can or cannot express on these forums anymore. I imagine there are a lot of people who feel exactly the same way. I just hope, that in case I get banned for this, that there will be someone brave and inspired who will stand up for this community in my stead. Against all the nasty shit that has been plaguing these forums since before the Ranger update, and all that threatens the very core of what this community stands for. 

    Know that all I ever did on these forums was out of love for all of you, my fellow community. I never had any authority here (contrary to what the Staff would like to portray me as), but I had earned a lot of influence here, because of the respect you have all given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for it, it has been my greatest honor. 

    If I get executed, it is my last wish that someone within this community takes over my mantle, and watches out for the interests of this community.  We may not have authority, but we can become influencers on these forums, and with that influence, born of respect by your fellow community members, you have the tools to protect them, in our own, unofficial kind of way. You have my blessing to do so.

  5. Been playing a lot of Skyrim Special edition with mods, a lot of em are hunting related mods, I felt like playing a more RPG centered game and add survival aspects to it to make it more realistic, yet still let it remain a magical RPG :D 

    Gotta love all the hunting mods that exist for it. I love TLD, but right now, the amount of mod content that Skyrim has allows me to get more satisfaction in there. I do plan to come back to TLD eventually of course :D


    1. XaldinVii


      I know the feeling. I take breaks form TLD but always come back to it after a couple months. I am currently on a break from it now, even though all the new content came out, playing a second play thru of RDR2 and I also find myself hunting a lot in the game. That illusive Moose gets me in RDR2 as much as TLD, still haven't bag me one yet for the antlers for the camp...

  6. Ive recently had an inkling to go play a game I used to play during my childhood, the Heroes of might and magic 4 - and beat some of the campaigns in there. That is why my appearance on the forums dropped after the release of Steadfast Ranger. I guess it was a good thing for my new survival game for achievements, because I think that by now, the most glaring issues with the new release would be at least toned down. I had a craving to play some Long Dark today, so Imma go do that.


  7. I made several birch bark teas, and I turned 4 rabbits into steaks. By the early afternoon next day, I am ready to leave the cave at around 75% condition, I should be able to survive with this amount all the way down to Mystery lake area.

    Im in desperate need of a bow and some arrows, as a preferred weapon of mine.

  8. Apologies, I was wrong. I woke up in the middle of the night. Well, I made my way through the cave, cooked up the meat from the deer I found mid-way up, and made it to the other side. There I decided to repair most of my clothing while hiding by a toasty fire, hidden behind a rock, sheltered from a wind. I was rather succesful, and my previously terribly torn-up clothes no longer looked so grim. I also found a decent thin wool sweater mid-way up. Most of my clothes are still crap, but at least I am not going to lose the temperature so fast now. Nevertheless, my condition would make travelling over greater distances an issue. I will spend a day here at Marsh ridge, and recover my strenght enough to make a decent push through the Muskeg all the way to my destination of Camp Office. Maintenance yard had a small rifle book for me. And the way sprains are right now, I will need to do my best to avoid getting overencumbered too much. which means regularly dropping gear and leaving it behind for later visits. 

    It is Day 4 and I plan to make great use of this birch forest... to stock up on the kind of food that will allow me to quickly regain some of that lost condition.

    Now I only hope I dont run into a moose in here... although for a late game, I would not mind having a moose in here.


  9. The Cave

    At merely 3% of condition, I fall down onto a bedroll. Im tempted to make screenshots but right now, every second counts...

    I sleep 1 hour, wake up with 7% condition. I sleep another hour and at the very beggining of this hour, my biggest fear comes to realization... the infection, caused by the wolf bite, develops.

    I wake up with 3% condition again.
    I drink the reishi tea. I drink a full load of water.

    3% condition remaining.
    I eat a bunch of peanut butter.
    2% condition remaining.

    I go to sleep for 10 hours.

    I wake up fully rested, it is early in the morning, and I have about 12% of condition.

    I survived. I was clinging to life, but I have lived through it.


  10. Forlorn Muskeg.

    Im freezing. Im half dead. Its awful weather outside. I grab a few sticks that I come across, as I cut my way to the low blind. I know my only chance to live is to make it to the Hat creek cave, where I can hopefully reculpurate, especially if I actually catch the infection.

    I make a fire to warm up, and I cook two cups of reishi tea from the mushrooms I grabbed earlier. These are my last chance in case the infection hits. No peroxide bottle in the blind... just more bullets for both firearms. Im getting desperate... what now...

    I start walking when winds pick up and blizzard launches. This is it. No chance I will reach it on my 20% condition unless I do something... I rip open the Go! energy drink and chug it in one sweep. This boost of energy is great! And this fatigue boost and stamina boost will certainly give me a chance!

    I run what I can towards the creek, as Im freezing to death.

    I reach the bottom of the creek, and 10% of condition is shown by a blurry vision of my screen.

    I reach the upper lake. 

    5% condition.

    I finally jump into the cave, at alarming 3% of condition left. I am safe, for this very moment... but who knows what happens if infection strikes? I will for sure die then...

  11. The bottom of the ravine proved to be bountiful. Sewing primer book, three carcasses and a bunch of other items, including the stuff like Go! Energy drink. Stripped the animals of their hides and meat, then made a campfire as I shredded a jacket for cloth. Slept till high noon next day.

    Climb out of the ravine turned out to be uneventful. At the top I grabbed my gear and went on my way. Decided to go check out the hunter´s blind. Mid way a bear crossed my path, and I quickly ran towards the Maintenance yard. Luckily, he did not pursue me. However, I ran into a wolf, a really brutal wolf who jumped me... and nearly killed me, with forcing me to bleed. I ran towards the door of the hut, popping second flare... bleeding heavily. Inside, I stopped the bleeding. Alas, I have no peroxide bottle, nor any Old man´s beard! I searched the entire place but no luck... meanwhile the infection risk stopped at 90%. No antibiotics either... I rest up through the night after drinking a cup of herbal tea that I discovered in a microwave. I am stuck somewhere in around 30% of condition, with infection risk high and no way to treat it, in a building surrounded by wolves... now THIS is survival...

    I realize that if I stay, I will most likely die. I drop the rifle - it is slowing me down too much. Still, I decide to take the rounds with me in case I need them further down the road.

    I cant seem to find peroxide anywhere. My clothes are torn to bits so Im getting cold, fast. Another wolf jumps me right as I manage to fire off a shot with a revolver (no point saving bullets now!) I go down into a struggle but one hit with a hatchet and it runs off, giving me nothing more then just a bruise. Still, my condition takes a hit and that is not something I can afford!

    My condition is very, very poor. I manage to leave the Broken Railroad freezing and in deathly state... wondering if I will ever be able to return here again. What started off as very fortunate run has turned very grim very fast.

    Forlorn Muskeg adventures next.

  12. Due to the new update bringing in an entirely new skill, no doubt neccesary for the skills achievement, I will be starting out a new game of Voyager for achievement run. I wouldnt be able to get them in my previous game because I already looted all the game´s places with skill books, and basically looted entire "game" without the containers which would severely limit the amount of bullets and revolvers Id find in that game.

    Also kinda wanna start all over again using the new game update features from the start.

    First day I spawned in Broken Railroad, below the bridge leading up to Hunting lodge.

    I climbed towards the Hunting lodge. I decide to look inside the cars... what do you know! A revolver! I stuff it in my pocket. No bullets yet, but a nice find!

    I proceed to loot the Hunting cabin next. Found some better clothes, some food, a rope and cookbook. Also a rifle and bullets for both firearms - now I have fully loaded revolver and rifle! Too bad I dont plan on using them any time soon... 

    Evening is coming and I decide to climb down into ravine next. I goat down the rocks behind the hunting lodge and make my way towards the climb. I sprain my ankle - so I pop the pills and bind my ankle with a bandage. Then, I drop some gear and climb down.

  13. I was just about to say something on this thread when it was locked by the Admin, before I could. Im not going to make a new thread on it, at least not yet, but this is an issue I want to bring up after some time goes away and I give Hinterland time to settle the initial hard work on implimenting the new update.

    Here is my post:



    Was this the best way to go about this topic? No. Getting upset and posting while upset is never a good way to handle any kind of confrontation. I read everything carefully, I don't think the real reason why Kristyok was upset was because of the game. It was the fact that after posting a few comments about it on steam, on her latest where she wrote something along the line of  "I wish I could play so I can test out the revolver" she was branded a spammer on the Steam forums and warned for it. I think that would make everyone upset. As far as I can tell, a comment like that is not dissing the update in any way... (then again I did not read it, perhaps it did in some way, but the way Kristyok described it, I can't see anything wrong with it, and I would be just as upset as she is if that happened to me)

    If there is one area in which the Hinterland Staff severely lacks, it will be the management of Forums reports and the whole warning system. I understand locking threads that blame Hinterland for the new update not working. But it is not a fair treatment to punish someone for "spamming" just because they made a few upset posts about it at first, then posted a different kind of post instead and got punished for this particular different one. What about punishing people who reply to threads about faulty update with a tip to back-up the saves, then turn off the steam cloud and make a completely freshly reinstall the game? These people are often branded as trolls and warned for posting this tip. Yet, as you can see from others posting in this thread, doing this can fix this issue. (I had this issue in the past during one of the previous major updates, had the same kind of error and this was the only solution that actually worked. I dont believe this was ever an issue of the game or the update, but more likely an issue of corrupt update files, caused by some issue Steam had mid-updating. Not unreasonable if internet connection gets interrupted for a moment during the update).

    If my experience tells me anything, I will probably be banned for this comment and it will likely be deleted because it criticizes one of the most sensitive subjects on these forums. But on the off chance it is not, there is a long-standing issue with transparency and unfairly judged, biased reports on these forums. Of the inability to distinguish when reports are filed legitimately, and when they are filed out of spite. It is most likely the reason why these forums are so tiny compared to the actual game community behind this game, and why long-standing community members eventually "run their life expectancy" due to various reports amassing over the years. It greatly favours bullies who abuse the reporting system to manipulate with other forum members, and harass them through the hands of Administrators.

    I wish this could change one day but that is unlikely. It would require self-reflectment of a sort that only very few people are capable of.


  14. It doesnt help that I dont know how to post and explain myself briefly in English. That is why my posts are always so long. This gives people the idea of me, trying to "hide" something in there, which is not true, it is just a biased notion people get. English is my third language, Ive learned to use it by using its rich vocabulary, this makes it very difficult for me to get my point across briefly. I dont use it to converse daily in speech, I only use it on the internet daily, through reading and watching TV shows. Daily use of speech is neccesary to get into the routine of getting your point across briefly.

  15. I am straight up terrified to post a single comment anywhere on the forums.

    It takes 3 warning points that never expire to obtain a permanent ban on the forums. I have gotten two of those points in the last temporary ban for something I have not done. Instead, for many days I was berated and harassed by a different forum member, first directly through messages, then later via endless reporting of my posts (at least I suspect so, there is no way to prove that). Or, it may have been a biased admin, monitoring me so closely & pushing me with endless public warnings just to unnerve me until I did something that could be considered against rules. I don't even want to consider that possibility, cause if that's true, I have earned myself a permanent ban...

    There is nothing I can do to report such harassment. But instead, my personal advice to help others improve their forum content is being reviewed as moderating & telling people how to post (HOW??! Never did I say "you have to do this!", I made a suggestion to do it differently, and explained why!), and the fact that I get more influence on the forums is considered as "establishing authority" on the forums. (I have no authority here!!! And I cant stop that I get more influence because I post more, that is how it works. Experienced community member is a form of influencer). What is even more sad is that I used this influence for good things, to help breathe in life to the very stagnant forums by encouraging more discusssions and for people to spend more time in here. (Unlike the same person I suspect of mass-reporting me, who has been going around, claiming things Hinterland said without pointing into where they said it, which is an actual moderating, and showing their influence around as a badge of authority to boost their ego.)

    I have integrity, I made promises not to escalate things with this said user to prevent escalation, and for that, I earned myself harassment and eventually ban. Meanwhile this person continues to defile this community and noone can say anything about it. 

    For months I was a part of this community and it was never a problem. This person comes back and suddenly, everything I do is a problem. Id say the cause of all the problems would be the "recent" change, the person coming back, the cause and effect would point towards that. 

    If I do get banned, the rest of you be careful. It is just a matter of time till this person picks a different target, perhaps because you upset them, and this whole situation will repeat again with a different victim. Free speech posting is no longer as safe on the forums as it used to be.

    I would ask for more transparency with reporting, how it is done, how it is considered, what are the chief decision factors. And abuse of reporting to harass and berate others for revenge or other personal bias should be strictly prohibited by the Forum rules, othervise this cannot be a friendly community, because it takes one angry, self-righteous prick to mass-report all you do to put the admins on your back and strangle you with warnings and endless observations. How can a normal person not feel depressed, stressed and desperate when everything they do is being put under the microscope?

    I thought taking more time off from getting unbanned before posting would help, I slept twice since then and I dont feel any closer to knowing what to do. 

    I admit that I am scared, desperate, stressed and I feel abused and violated, and hopeless because there is nothing I can do about it.

  16. I am back. I am too tired, too upset and too pissed off to say more about it at this time.


  17. By the same evening, I was already home with every last bit of meat and quarter. Ive chosen to forgo the nights sleep and harvest the quarters with my bare hands. By the morning, every last bit of meat was out on the porch, waiting to be used. I do believe I am set on food for a decent amount of time.


  18. Next morning I made my way to the Trappers. A wolf crossed my path, he was quickly pacified with an arrow headshot, and in turn processed into scraps. 

    This gave me an idea to kill the Trappers bear as well. It was not easy, it took the entire day and part of the night, but after three shots that made him bleed (yet miraculously survive) I finally killed the beast. I did not forget my task either - so as I was cooking old bear steaks (leftovers from previous bear), I made some torches and went to loot the cave for respawned coal. Measly 10 lumps. Dissapointing. 

    Made a short fire in the Trappers to make a drink, then rest through the night to go search for the bear.

    Found it fairly soon, it was gentleman enough (after all the trouble it put me through to kill it) to die on top of the peak of a hill above its lair. 20190429012408_1.thumb.jpg.2b6247183f95c051ecd221829875f711.jpg

  19. No coat time just yet. Turns out that when I left for the trip, Ive used up the last of my cured guts. Im certain Trappers have some cured, but I will have to first make a trip over there... which is the goal for tommorow. Today, we are finishing up on all the relevant survival knowledge. Ive finished level 3 mending, the books helped a lot - already almost half way to getting level 4. This should help with keeping my equipment in tip-top shape without having to waste an awful lot of materials. 

    Ive arranged my gun related skill books neatly on the desk - while I dont need them yet, they can wait for me there.

    Still wish Id find more. There is still some potential left in Pleasant Valley, I think, and definitedly in Forlorn Muskeg. Too bad the latter is so dangerous... yet I may chance a trip there anyway, in case I need to forge, or at least get a decent supply of Coal from a close-by spot. 

    Which also constitutes my side-goal for tommorow´s trip to Trappers - to visit the cave there and collect on some Coal supplies.

  20. Next morning it was windy, but not a single living thing. The music also stopped. Just dead quiet, my steps and wind blowing. I safely made it to the Office with my load of meat. I was pretty well rested still, so I used the rest of the day, looking for the runaway wolf. So I at least collected some sticks. Gonna try again tommorow. In the evening I finished my last cooking book, and read a bit of sewing primer by the moonlight, till the midnight came and I went to rest up. 

    Next morning I spent looking for the wolf, unsuccesfully. The weather was not very cooperative. Still, I scouted most of the general area where Id expect the wolf to die, and no luck. It could have probably ran a lot further then Id think... 

    During my travels, however, I have literally stumbed upon a Preppers hatch! A lot of very useful, valuable equipment was in there. Even though I dont expect to use it any time soon, I took one of the rifles found there with me, to carry it home to the Office. Took basically everything else. In the evening, I did more studying, and went to bed - determined that the arrow I left lodged in the wolf is now gone forever, till maybe I randomly stumble upon it ages later. I guess this means I will have to go forge some new ones.

    Although the Muskeg in this game is very deadly, I think I will travel to the forge there next, but not anytime soon. Both of my bear skins are now cured, which means I may start working on a new piece of equipment.

    I am deliberating whether to craft a bedroll, or a coat. Most likely I will go with the coat, though.

  21. My plan to collect up the hunt has went well at first. After my 2nd night at Ravine ended, I started walking towards home with full backpack of my gear from Coastal & Desolation point, and a couple of fresh deer steaks as well. More of cooked & uncooked meat was waiting at me by the entrance of the cave at Ravine connector subregion. 

    The way to clear the road went okay, too. Two wolves decided to step in my way - they both ended up dead. One was killed and quartered right away by the trailer camp in front of the Dam. The other from derailment got arrow stuck in the side, and whimpered away somewhere into the hills. I shall go searching for it in the next day. By roughly 2 PM, I arrived safely to the Office.

    I quickly removed much of my loot, even took off some of my clothes - to travel lightly. I still took my bow, arrows, tools and bedroll - one never knows... On the way back to Ravine Deer cave Ive collected sticks to build up my hunting spot fire making reserves. I stored these sticks into the backpack in the rabbit grove in Ravine subregion. By around 5 PM, I was back at my hunting spot, very tired.

    Took a 2 hour nap, loaded all the meat (roughly 24 kg of it) and went on the way home to the Camp Office. As I was passing the quarters of the wolf and stepped on the bridge by the dam, the sun hid behind the mountains, and I noticed a strange shapes in the sky.

    Of course.

    Aurora. Havent seen one in 10 days while traveling, and now when I carry three worths of deer meat, all of sudden here it is.

    Okay. Change of plans. Spending the night at the Dam - dropped the meat, and took & processed the quarters of the wolf, as well as an old deer carcass that was still lying there (despite it being a day of 60 or so). Surprisingly, the meat of the deer was still sorta edible, so I cooked a liter of water and this deer steak, as I watched from the safety of the fence the aurora descending20190428153429_1.thumb.jpg.7a4cbd71dcba100c9f1e9e8f8ae42853.jpg in all its frightening glory... 

  22. Back to the Voyager time!

    So, last night, I paused the game while in the cave with blizzard raging on, then fell asleep after a long IRL session of cooking, now I am continuing on!

    After warming up a bit in the shelter, Ive decided to press on through the blizzard, regardless of the condition hit. Ive reached the other cave, by my favorite hunting spot, and seeing as how my meat reserves have been almost depleted, I decided to wait with my "return" to Camp office, and instead spend two nights and whole day in the ravine cave, hunting, processing my hunting spoils, cooking up some extra steaks and preparing for a more stationary survival from now on. For that, I will need to have some supplies of food, fuel and of different hides.

    This place is always teeming with deer that are fairly safe to hunt, and should not be that big of a problem to carry over to camp Office, if I clear the road from all the predators that would othervise interfere (and incidentally, add them to my food & hide reserves as well). This is going to be my plan after I have finished my stay in this ravine cave, resting up & sorting through the hunts.

    It is first night of my stay here at ravine. Ive got out of practise, I must say... although in the end, I managed to get all three deer living here, the last one was quite elusive and took 2 graze shots before I was finally able to hit its heart and finally put an end to the chase. I have also caught a couple of rabbits - while I dont need them per say, I will need to spend whole day here in the Ravine to rest next night and then on the morning of second day, get on my way towards the Camp office and during my travel, clear all the predators out of the way so that I can proceed in carrying my hunt spoils over.

  23. Apologies for my previous status updates. Sometime mid-second song I realized I could get myself into trouble, doing this. After my next two exams, I just might create a little website and maybe even channel where Id post such things. But its probably better not to do it here.

  24. Way home progressing worse then expected. When I reached Coastal, a blizzard broke out. In my confidence I started walking towards where a fishing cabin Id expect to be... but I got lost on the ice and kept walking in circles. When I finally got my bearings straight and aimed properly at the hut, the blizzard died out... but most of my clothes were getting frozen, and my condition was at half. No time to wait - reached the cabin, made a fire using up all I had left (including all my coal reserves) and drank a tea for condition recovery. Then, 6 hour sleep. My fire was about to go out, but I was dry and well recovered. 2 more hours for good measure.

    Spent the rest of the day, slowly sludging from fishing cabin to cabin, looking for the fishing book. Found it in the 4th one. Short stop by Jackrabbit´s to drop off all the high condition processed food inside, and went on for more looting. Wanted to loot a car at the other end of Highway because of a chance for Frontier´s book in there. But stopped right in time... and backed away quickly... as from behind the hill of the highway out came up a big, bad bear... so I diverted around, looted the cabin above Fishing village, turned back for the car (no book), and now I am slowly sludging up the Bear´s creek, with intention to spend a night in the cabin at Rabbit grove above the campsite. Tommorow will be my route up the route, over the Trestle and through the ravine home to the Office. If all goes well, by tommorow´s evening I shall be back home in the safety of my main base.

    1. Mroz4k
    2. Ghosty 1944

      Ghosty 1944

      Hope you make it home safe.

  25. So did a couple more runs of Voyageur, moved forward a little bit.

    After passing through the coal mine, I got up on the other side. Found a skill book there. It was still a blizzard so I decided to push through to the Lookout. Lookout had nothing of significance. I quickly climbed down to the level of highway, and headed straight for gas station, taking advantage of the blizzard. Inside I found another sewing primer book! Next was Misanthrope. There I also found a skill book, and Ive decided to try and loot the Desolation point next. The Commuters lament had the car as per usual, there I dropped off all the unnecesary gear, and by the evening I have entered the crumbling highway.

    Dettered a wolf on my way through, Ive managed to get into the basement. Another book there, another Sewing primer. The night begins and I push onward to the coal mine, with intention to rest there. And so it happens.

    Next day I drop extra gear at the mine (I will pass through here on the way back anyways, so I can pick it up then) and go loot the DP. I spend next three days here, searching through DP for valuables. Amazing finds! Frontier book, a book on fishing and another sewing primer. During my search through Rikken, a bear suprised me, so I went through the ship on board, and shot it from the safety of higher ground straight into the head. It ran off and I decided to read a book to let it bleed out.

    I didnt check my statistics, because for some strange reason, this bear survived... my arrow broke on contact with its skull. Yet, the bear was nowhere to be found. Later on, when I looted through the other locations, I heard bear sounds a couple of times, but not knowing the bear survived, I chalked it to my imagination. Didnt see it again afterward. I paid a visit to the Wolf den, hoping for a book, but no luck there. Suprisingly, there was no longer that skull with antlers there... There was just a single inhabitant in this time. I saw it for a glimpse of second after entering the second hall, and it went back into the main hall. I realized following it would not be wise, so I made a fire, picked a stone up and threw it at the end of the corridor straight ahead of me. Wolf was baited in, when it saw me, it charged. 


    One shot straight in between its eyes, the beast perished into the long dark. 

    After almost three days spent in this forsaken place that is Desolation point, it was time to pack up my belongings and leave back for home. The next plan is to slowly move my way over to the Camp Office in next two days, after I checked a couple of more places that could still hold some survival knowledge. This last few checks will conclude the "soft loot" of the entire world, where I mostly focused on looting just the items found outside the containers, focusing mostly on survival knowledge.

    1. Mroz4k


      After this, it will be time to finish up my survival knowledge and hone up my primal skills and this time start focusing on actually "living" for a while, hunting, building up some minor stores of different hides, fixing up my equipment and create stores for survival. After that, I will start building my safety net of creating outposts and survival caches to help with my next goal - finishing the full loot of the whole world, and start mapping up regions to get to the achievement for maps.