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  1. Hi, i've been offline from the game these last 2 months. The last time i played a Sandbox was in August 30 but at that moment i was unable to play the Story Mode. Maybe it was because the last game i had was on July just before the game release. After that i got issues with my computer so i needed to install everything again so i backed up the saved game files from the path mentioned in the FAQ. Now today I dediced to restore those files but it seems the game doesn't recognize them. All i did it was to install the game, after that created the folders where those files should be moved and finally started the game. I don't know if these files are unable to be read according to the game version they were created.
  2. I wish i knew this befor. One time i had to move to my base but i was carrying lots of things so i was unable to run. I was going down a little hill and i heard the bark of a wolf and i look around i couldn't spot it. After that i saw it strafing at me i light up a torch and tried to scare him but it didn't work, so i was walking away and also i felt that i walked to long with this animal, but the mistake i did was that i looked back, lighted a flare and trying to scape, (for that moment i was able to run because i dropped some things after trying to scare him the first time), but that thing just made it came closer to attack me. So what you say seems legit, if the wolf was sure to attack me it would do that when i spotted it.
  3. Better repair that clothes, and even if you have an scarf you can get problems with the temperature if some part of your body is still exposed.
  4. You mean you don't have to click so many times? If i understood well, maybe it works, according to the stamina of the character and additionally there can be a hidden stamina bar when you're get attacked and the efford you put to fight, i guess.
  5. Yeah, i don't remember what was i watching when i got a recommended video about the game, it was the gameplay of GrayStillPlays. I've havent' know about him until i watched his video, and after that the game conviced me to go buy it. One of the best game purchases of my life (because other games i bought they get low fps in my laptop and got me dissapointed for a little XD)
  6. Yes, i prefer that too, but the reason i went with that option was because it was my last resort, i wasn't well prepared for the situation. So now i learned more about it and now i'll be more carefull until y get the material for the bow and arrows. Btw, I did my "research" and I guess you can scare him when it gets closer but you must hit him with the torch, as shown in this video at 25:02. The video is recent, so is according to the last update. Gonna go try it myself too.
  7. Today i've had my first wolf attack, but the thing i didn't understand was about throwing the torch/flare, because it didn't work in my first 2 attempts. Do they have to be so close to you? Because it wasn't too far from me, it was strafing at me. Or do i need to keep the torch until he tries to attack me. The bad thing is that i was carrying a lot of things to my base so it went difficult for a while to loose sight of him and run, and the other one is that i only had the hatchet and hunting knife but no weapons. And man, for a moment i felt demotivated because my gloves and my wool toque torn so it became easier to get cold again.
  8. You can experience that too in Vogageur difficulty too, you fish for intervals or for a long time and then you see a lot of wolves nearby.