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  2. I have not yet made any ammo - I had some trouble tracking down a battery and a hacksaw in the same place, since ages ago I cleverly migrated most of my hacksaws far away from any cars. I did make it to the cannery though, and can tell you that
  3. in terms of gunpowder components (stump remover and... fertilizer?), you shouldn't need too much. I found two of each in BI, and unless my math is very bad, I have enough gunpowder for 100 cartridges now. I believe 3 batteries will get you a comparable number of bullets (though less sure of my math there. I also didn't find any batteries in BI). in an existing game, the hard part will definitely be the casings, since as far as I can tell you can't make those, you just pick them up when you reload. so if you're out of ammo entirely, that's pretty much it. I did find a couple in a hunter's blind, but can't imagine revisiting the whole world to look for a handful. as far as revisiting locations, I did find a gunsmithing book in the train derailment in ML, but haven't been back over many other locations yet.
  4. I had this problem as well. Turned out I missed one behind a large fallen tree about midway in the section. They are all in that one area, shouldn't be far. Good luck.
  5. I had this issue also. Saving and reloading solved it for me.
  6. Are you using the map to find the mine? That could be your issue. From town, follow the road north. There's a fence with mining and no trespassing signs to the right. You should have to pass the map marker and double back. If you follow the road and then turn right onto the mining road, you should find it. Prior to this quest stage it isn't actually blocked by snow, but by a fallen tree and invisible wall. Good luck!
  7. I cannot think of a single citrus fruit that grows best on a mountain. What a weird branding choice.
  8. Last night I had a dream that after bringing the bolt cutters *all the way back* to the dam it turned out there was another gate I failed to test. I was so annoyed.
  9. I just figured it was knock off mountain dew, but tbh, I have no idea what flavour mountain dew is supposed to be. It kind of just tastes neon.
  10. I brought them to the hydro dam once to check if you can use them on the gate in the (now) blocked hallway. You can't.
  11. There are more tools in episode 2 - an abundance of knives, and at least two hatchets, as well as a few whetstones. Playing without tools shouldn't be impossible though. You can harvest carcasses by hand if they are less than 50% frozen - start a fire nearby, and frozen carcasses will thaw. The fire will also keep you warm and keep wolves away. You can collect sticks and break down crates without a hatchet. Tools help, but you could manage without.