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  1. Because, if you select the "pass time" option from the first day by using the radial menu you won't ever notice that there is another menu that looks exactly the same - the only difference is, how you get there and an additional parameter displayed. Ok, maybe i'm just dumb - but for me, this isn't obvious. And it's not one of the survivalskill you need to learn: "Oh, it's better to wrap additional cloth around you when it's cold!" got rewarded! Lol, every child would know for sure! No, it's more like:"I know that it's better to wrap additional cloth around me when I'm cold" - but unfortunately, the game does not show me this feature exists. And that's why I created this suggestion.
  2. Well, you call it logical. I call this bad game design.
  3. Big ups from my side for more sandbox customization options. Killer rabbits are not my cup of tea. This would remind me of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". On the othe rhand: if they would implement the Holy Hand Grenade...
  4. Finally, I did have the time to verify this. You're completely right: if you choose "pass time" from the radial menu, you won't have the option of using the bedroll. But if you select a bed or bedroll first and then choose "pass time" instead of "sleep", you'll receive the warmth bonus. Thanks a lot for this valuable hint, JAFO! @hinterland: perhaps there should be changes to the "pass time"-tooltip to make this more obvious? There might be in-game situations, where this simple interface handling knowledge could prevent to go into the long dark.
  5. First of all, I beg your pardon for warming up this (c)old thread I stumbled upon. Short introduction: I started into TLD in pilgrim mode and currently, I'm playing my second box in voyager setting. I would like to increase the difficulty level slightly to make the next box a little more thrilling, so stalker setting would be the logical consequence: less items and more calorie consumption are quite ok to me. And to suffer from more kind of afflictions would be nice. But what I absolutely dislike is: to deal with more wildlife. So it seems, I'm stuck in Voyager. Now, here is my suggestion: There are quite many games, where you can adjust specific parameters instead of choosing a default scenario. For an example: You would like to start a box with extreme weather condition but a lot of items, reduced calorie consumption and passive wildlife? Here we go!
  6. Formerly, I used the knife for wolf struggle. Switched to hatchet only a few days ago after reading a forum post. Performance is much better now, as far as I can tell: the sustained damage to my ego is definitive lower. The risk for heavily damaged clothes seems to be degraded. And it does bleeding damage, so Fluffy's Friends turn into dog meat as well -> Win-Win Situation. And: Yes, it's an outstanding and beautiful game.
  7. But if you choose the "pass time" option directly via the campcraft menu, you don't have this option - and can't get the warmth bonus. Only if you choose a bed/bedroll and switch from "sleep" to "pass time". Correct?
  8. Wait, did I understand you correctly? This is already implemented? I can't check this, because I'm at work atm. But as I remember: if you use the "rest" function, you are not going to profit from the warmth-bonus of the bed(roll) - or am I'm talking nonsense?
  9. Yes, filling the map is some kind of demanding atm. For me, there are various reasons. First: the small radius. Second: for using the mapping function I have to switch in a submenu. Third: charcoal is a really heavy resource if you carry enough to cartograph a wide area with you. Fourth: I'm using whiteberry's fabulous maps by habit. I appreciate the implementation of a mapping function, since it provides the chance to get rid of my annoying paperwork this way - but to become a useful function for me, it needs to be improved. And your suggestion would be a step to functionality.
  10. I remember when I shot my first deer, I thought: "Put all the raw meat in that fridge so it will keep fresh."
  11. As the title says, fishing is now - let's say it frank - a dumb job: sitting in front of the ice hole waiting for the fish to bite. In my opinion, a little more effort and skill is needed to get maritime calories - as it is when you are deer hunting: spear-fishing. Just see the pics below and tell me, what do you think about this idea.
  12. Yes, you'll have to decide whether to stay and be passiv, but warm - or move and be activ. So I don't think it would affect balancing a lot - it just gives you more oportunities to deal with the environment. Beside, it makes the game feel more "real".
  13. + 1 for the idea and the perfect graphical presentation