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  1. I, and I am sure many, many others, sincerely hope the hardworking Hinterland folks understand that only an extremely small percentage of people would even consider writing such a gobsmackingly obtuse post such as the one quoted above. We sincerely appreciate your studio's creativity, communication, and commitment to The Long Dark and its fan base. Thank you for the updates.
  2. It seems like the intent is that the wolves want to kill you, but the bears are just angry with you. The bear is like "I'm going to show this upsetting creature who's boss", and the wolf is like "Hey, there's some supper!"
  3. Wish

    Caves and Books

    Two suggestions today: 1. It would be lovely if inside caves also functioned as outside caves by the entrances 2. It would also be lovely if you could stack books vertically -- one of my personal in-game challenges is to collect, and not burn, every book I find. With all the empty bookshelves around, it would be fantastic to be able to fill one up with all the books you find (like a trophy wall). Related: some books disappear when you read them and others do not, which is odd. Does anyone else collect items for purely aesthetic purposes? Thank you for reading and creating an outstanding gaming experience.
  4. It's possible that according to game logic, moose don't bleed externally because their hide is so thick. I've never seen an arrow stick into a moose -- only seen them bounce off (not that they don't stick, I just have yet to see it). Perhaps the moose die of internal bleeding.
  5. I haven't experienced any fluctuation in how aiming works. @JAFO is dead on (pun!), it just takes a bit of practice.
  6. Confirmed. Yes, moose do appear on Voyager difficulty in pre-Wintermute saved games. I know this because have a 550-day, pre-Wintermute voyager run, and now have a fresh moose hide curing at my base. The tree markings where the moose rub their antlers appear in areas where the moose can spawn, but they're not always there. Thus, the rarity factor. Moose, yes; auroras, no.
  7. Glad that worked for you (for the most part)!
  8. This has happened with me as well. It takes three minutes of black screen time on my voyager run to exit Trapper's. My guess is that it's due to the massive accumulation of stuff I've scrounged for and stored inside (I raided all the maps and moved it all there). For that reason, and because I reached 500 days, I've moved on to interloper (it's a hoot!). But you've only been playing for two weeks... Still, not sure what else it could be beyond tons of supplies. Do you have a million sticks inside? Does it happen when exiting both doors?
  9. Wish


    Love that close up! Attached is a DEER version (definitely not as cool as your crows). Has anyone else taken screenshots of interesting close ups?
  10. Sure, but there's more to it than that: "The Hinterland Forums strive to be a place that is positive, inclusive, welcoming and comfortable." When you write "Absolutely no." That is not positive. You could write that you disagree, but tone is important for positivity. Anyways, I'm moving on.
  11. This is great, Riotintheair! Congratulations on your adventure. I love stories like this. Let us know how it goes. I'm actually on day 31 of an Interloper run myself. At 275, you're killing it.
  12. Hey, it's a wish list. We all have different wishes. My name is even Wish!
  13. Hey, if that's the way it is: woo hoo! If so, please disregard
  14. Hello, If wearing clothes while you sleep continues to degrade them faster than removing them, I suggest a "TAKE OFF ALL" + "WEAR ALL" option, so you don't have to click 32 times each time you wish to undress or redress. In total it takes around 70 mouse clicks to undress, sleep, and then redress: To remove an item takes 2 mouse clicks. With 16 potential clothing spots, that's 32 clicks to remove everything, 1 click for "BED", a few clicks for the hours, another click for "SLEEP", and 32 more clicks to wear everything upon awaking. That works out to around 70 mouse clicks to sleep while best preserving the clothing. 70 clicks seems excessive. Our poor fingers! Please see attached mockup for an idea of where this option might go. Thank you for considering!
  15. Hello, On my wish-list is the ability to look out the rear window of a vehicle when you are inside of it. It seems realistic that you could twist your body and head most of the way around to look out the back window for predators. Thanks!