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  1. Typical passive aggressive The Long Dark moderator response full of insinuation and jabs about my age, maturity level, use of my free time, and that being enthusiastic and passionate about the game and community is in some way unhealthy. So most of the same suggestions and wishes have been made about the game for OVER TWO YEARS, and they still haven't been implemented yet? Ouch, you are right....why should anyone waste their time here with suggestions and wishes. Clearly a lot of stuff is never going to end up in this game I guess.... Based on your explanation, I agree my 40 year old Biochemist self would be better off in almost any other game community than this one. Thank you soooo much for preventing me from wasting more of my life here than my last two weeks. I'm certainly not getting any younger. Time is a valuable commodity and it would surely be better spent elsewhere! Thank you for steering me straight @scyzara!
  2. Keep me posted, I'm curious to know if it makes a difference for you!
  3. I wish there was a way for me to drum up more business and forum members. I search the forums everyday several times a day (I think I'm here more than most of the moderators) looking for new threads and I can't find anything. I could make more threads myself, but I feel I make more than enough threads already... and that's with me intentionally trying not to make too many threads. I wish more people would ask questions or something. If it wasn't for like four other members and the moderators, I'd think I was here by myself. I guess it's fitting in a way. The Long Dark forums are only slightly more populated than the game itself.... I guess I could start talking to the dead bodies.... Oh that reminds me, I found a dead body in one of the bunk beds in the trailer at the Log Sort in CH, and oddly enough I could still select that particular bed for sleeping. I did not obviously....because that would be weird. There was like 10 other beds that didn't have dead bodies in them where I could have slept instead. Was that intentional, or an oversight? Should we still get the bed's warmth bonus if there is a frozen corpse in the bed? I would think a dead frozen guy would make the bed pretty cold. Finally how exactly would that work? The bed was a single and the dead guy was a bed hog. Would I be sleeping on top of the dead body, under it, or would it have been pushed up against the wall and spooning me? Wait I thought of another question after looking at my own screen shot... How did the dead guy get snow all over him? He was inside the trailer and there were no holes in the roof. Did it all build up on him the way ice builds up inside old freezers?
  4. I'd love an "Interloper Lite" experience mode. The scarcity of items typical of Interloper, with it's currently extreme weather and World Decay, but you still start with a bedroll in moderate to poor condition and you still have a chance to find all items...they are just really rare. Meaning hatchets, knives, bows, rifles, good clothes and food can still be found, they are just really hard to everything else in Interloper. Oh and you still start without a hat and gloves and have the other crappy clothes, lol. To be clear, yes I understand there is Stalker. I don’t mean like Stalker. Stalker is a special mode for those who love avoiding wolves, lol... This would be the scarcity of Interloper with it's awful weather, just with the possibility of finding any item in the game....even if it takes exploring the entirety of every map to find them. Oh and since it's "Lite" maybe you can pick what map you start on...
  5. I was just trying to further show the problems with the current mechanic. Six pieces equal the first scent bar perriod regardless of meat weight. So five little pieces of unfinished meat don't produce a scent bar, neither will 5 pieces of coho salmon each weighing much over 1 kilo. So you could carry five 3-5 kilo pieces of salmon and it treats it the same as five tiny 0.06 kilos of bait
  6. No problem, m8. I wasn't really trying to investigate, it kind of happened by accident while fiddling with my meat supply. As it stands now, due to the six piece mechanic of scent and attracting wolves, I figure you get the most bang for your buck by carrying five pieces of big cooked salmon. No scent bar even though with salmon you could be hauling 15 kilos of meat... I haven't verified this is the case officially as I don't have 5 big pieces of salmon currently....but I think it might work as I stated....
  7. It's another lame poorly implemented mechanic. It should not be based on number of individual pieces, but total mass or volume of scented items. I often cancel meat eating near the end to save small morsels of meat as bait. Six 0.06 kilograms of meat should not create the exact same level of scent attraction as 6 whole kilograms of meat, yet it does in game. It shouldn't be based on x number of x items. It should be based on total weight of raw, or cooked, or uncured items.
  8. The cave in question, he entered at 12 minutes into the video. Literally every time he turned his view in the cave the image hung, and the camera did not move smoothly or fluidly. Your inability to see and understand anything is still in effect I see. To @SpoonyMass, have you tried turning shadows to OFF under display settings? I have a decent graphics card in my ASUS ROG laptop and could most likely handle shadows, but I turn off shadows anyway because they are graphics intensive and I don't feel they are necessary. Plus what good ever came from a shadow? A shadow monster to drag your soul into hell like in the movie Ghost? A wolf hiding in a shadow? Screw you shadows!
  9. Welcome, Ben! Feel free to ask questions or for tips in the appropriate forums, m8.
  10. That's not entirely true as the patch notes for the patch and/or the hotfix made no mention limiting rope climbing encumbrance to a hard cap of 30.0 kilos. So I am sure other changes were probably made to gameplay that were unannounced and no one knows about. It is even possible things were changed on accident that haven't been realized. Maybe someone with access should actually check the code to see if Voyager was made more difficult by way of adding more wolves and making loot more sparse.... If someone as experienced as @JAFO says it feels like there is less loot in Voyager now than there was in the past, I would take him at his word and check the code that governs the loot drops and where static loot is supposed to be in the game. Someone could have had a bad day... Accidents happen... I am playing Voyager now and I have a lot of loot in general (after looting 2.5 maps), but the drops are nowhere near what has been described by other players in forums and in videos of people playing. I have heard players saying things like while searching a building your chances of getting a drop on Interloper are like 1 in 10 searches to 1 in 20 searches. I have searched many a building on Voyager and gotten loot on the scale of 1 in 10. There has been one crappy item in both safes I cracked. And the two stacks of file cabinets next to each other in the Dam gave me like 1 tinder plug. So either I have the worst luck in the history of gaming, or someone did something naughty to the looting code....
  11. I play the PC version through Steam's Big Picture mode with my PS4 controller.
  12. Idea seconded for the hearing impared. Don't want to exclude a group of gamers. Obviously the system should be able to be enabled/disabled via options like the carpal tunnel search setting we have...
  13. JoE Smash

    Saving mode

    You save every time you sleep or when you enter most least the buildings/caves that take a moment to load....and it says saving on the right side of the screen briefly. The game can be pretty difficult for new players. What difficulty are you starting your games on? What is causing most of your deaths? When you first start your game your immediate task is try to figure out your bearings/location and head to the nearest shelter you can find. You then should try to find whatever clothing you are missing to stay warm and not get frostbite. Any body part with no covering will get frostbite eventually if you stay outside for any length of time. Some difficulties you start with no hat or gloves, so you really need to keep an eye out for hats and gloves. The other thing you need to do is start a fire so you can melt snow and then boil the snow for safe drinking water. Ideally you will find a shelter with a fire barrel, fire place, or wood stove so you can make a fire where you are safe from the elements. You can light a fire almost anywhere on flat terrain outside, but it can be blown out and it won't keep you as warm as inside. You can melt and then boil snow at any fire you start. You don't need a container or to harvest the snow. It is just an option when you select a fire, like adding more wood. There should be other icons at the top of the screen for melting/boiling snow and for cooking food that you are able to cook.
  14. Was talking about the loot at TWM, m8. I already went to Forlorn Muskeg after starting in Mystery Lake to forge 16 arrowheads. I have 20 working arrows now. All clothes slowly decay too, not just the peanut butter....