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  1. As I was walking through Coastal Highway I went to Pandora to play some music I had Shuffle on and it began playing my 50s rock station, I had the rifle equipped and I felt like I was playing a Fallout game.
  2. Videogames are meant to do the exact opposite take the Grand Theft Auto games for example We play videogames to do things we can't or wouldn't do in Society,Also if I was starving to death and there was human meat available I wouldn't go "Oh this doesn't follow principle" No, I'd eat it so I could live to see another day
  3. And Society doesn't exist in The Long Dark, Only Survival
  4. It would make the atmosphere ever more chilling and dark giving players a option of canibalizing would make the situation feel ever more hopeless,And would show the true reality of the unending HELL that is Nature
  5. Oh look im starving to death in a cabin, But wait! there is a perfectly good corpse.Ima eat that I mean why not? its the apocalypse??