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  1. I thought about what you said and went back to 1.37. I think you're right. It does seem to be when TLD was at its best. I think I'll just stay at that version. It's a shame really. What was once, what I considered the best game I've played has turned into just another game.
  2. I'm seriously thinking about going back to V-1.56, back when the game was still the best game out there, and consider it the last update I'll install (unless they make some serious changes, which I doubt). Either that or just uninstall the game completely. Sad really. TLD was once a great game.
  3. Yea, I got the 1.67 patch for PC this morning too. Very surprised and impressed. I hope this is something they [GoG] continue to do.
  4. Again, I must say I am quite surprised and impressed. GoG now has a 1.64 to 1.67 patch as well as a full install of 1.67. I'm not sure what's going on at GoG because this and the 1.64 update is the fastest they ever released a TLD update/patch.
  5. For those interested, GoG now has a 1.64 to 1.67 patch as well as a full 1.67 install.
  6. Ah! My apologies. I did not know the BB tea was disabled in the challenge. I don't play challenges so I guess I should refrain from commenting on them ion the future.
  7. I agree with this completely. I'm not a fan of scripted games/scenarios/challenges/campaigns. I much prefer a 'free play' style. Making me play a scripted scenario to get feats would kind of kill my enjoyment of the game. I played the default settings just long enough to get the feats I wanted, then started playing with custom settings. I have tried a couple of the challenges but just didn't enjoy them.
  8. GoG is still at 1.64, but this is the first time GoG has released a new update this fast (4 days). I hope 1.66 and 1.67 will be available Mon. or Tue. for us [GoG users].
  9. Well call me impressed and surprised. Errant Pilgrim is now available at GoG for PC too. The hotfixes aren't there yet but I'm guessing they'll be along shortly - hopefully. I agree. This is the shortest wait for a TLD update at GoG.
  10. I've also never found anything above the visors, but I quit checking them a long time ago.
  11. Not Broken Railroad. You have to go to the Ravine, between ML and CH.
  12. The last update - Ep. 3 - took about 16 days at GoG, but it did come with the two hotfixes so the wait was worth it in that sense. With the Christmas break for Hinterland and GoG, I really don't expect this update to be available at GoG until maybe Jan. 8. I'd be surprised if it hit sooner but I'm also hoping it, again, includes hotfixes. Again, I'm not blaming Hinterland for this delay.
  13. If HL were to make changes similar to what you suggest, they would also need to reduce the possibility of getting sprains, IMHO.
  14. As @DerpyLemon115said, yep, the Time Capsule stuff is for Steam only. I bought the game at GoG back in June of '17 and have every version since (patches and full downloads). All totaled adds up to about 108 GB of files. Consequently I have my own personal Time Capsule. 😁 I know. This whole post was a waste of time but I just couldn't help myself. 🥴
  15. It is mentioned in this post that they are investigating this issue.
  16. To the best of my understanding, and unless HL has changed something, there is 9 possible bunker locations in PV (plus the one that's always there) and 9 possible locations in ML. One bunker in each region (one in ML and one in PV) will spawn at each new game start.
  17. I had a bit of trouble finding one myself. I finally did find the bunker near the top of the rope to the radio control hut. I've only been to PV in one game since the update. I sure the bunker near Skeeter's Ridge has moved. The new plane crash area changed the topography there a bit. I don't know where it moved to though.
  18. I've also experienced that issue. Even, as you say, as the bear walks further away you can still hear that 'crying'.
  19. I've also noticed some sounds have become unusually louder than before.
  20. It is most likely designed so that one click searches behind both doors, like when searching an armoire or end table.
  21. Galaxy is not required to buy, install and play games from GoG.
  22. I use the GoG version and Ep. 3 is not locked for me. A couple of points, for whatever they're worth: I have never played any Story Mode. If I choose Wintermute I can select from Ep.1, Ep. 2, or Ep.3. Obviously Eps. 4 & 5 are locked. I do not use GoG Galaxy.