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    Best survival game on the market imo, but to make it perfect (for me), I would need to do more bushcrafting, especially a shelter building system. I have no idea if this has been discussed before but here are my ideas: Add paracord , 2 sizes of tarp and a blanket to the game, then: - Hammok made of wood sticks and rope net , which can be upgraded with small rain tarp and under blanket to boost the temperature bonus inside. - Tipi tent , made of long wood sticks and big tarp. - Rectangle small cabin- like shelter with a big tarp as a roof. These types of permanent shelters would rock in regions like FM, TM or anywhere really. Aaaannd it would make the game A+, imo of course. PS: Survival game without a spear seems odd since the first item you would make in a survival situation is an improvised spear of some kind as a best protection from wild life.
  2. Yes there's no Hatchet/Knife - Off/On option in custom mode and should probably be implemented. Until then you can just ignore the hatchets and knifes and not use them or if that breaks immersion for you, use them but make the custom mode even more hardcore then Interloper ( there are few sliders on middle in Interloper mode so there's a room for making it even harder ) For me , this game update brought me back to the game because I always wanted to play Interloper with a rifle and now that's possible, and so much more. I also prefer hatchets/Knifes OFF mode but it's not a very big deal for me.
  3. Ideal difficulty setups for me would be: - Pilgrim: Weather and scarcity of can food and resources on par with Stalker as it is now but without the hustle of wild life attacks for the explorers among us. Basically: Stalker with no animal attacks. - Voyageur: On par with Stalker as is with no changes, so just downgrade Stalker to Voyageur. Basically: New Voyager = Stalker - Stalker: Weather and scarcity of resources on par with Interloper as is now but with the rifle/axe/knife. Basically: Interloper with rifles/axes/knifes ( this is what I would play the most) -Interloper: No changes, it's good as it is. Reasoning behind all these proposed changes: Imo, theres much to much canned food and wood available on Pilgrim and Voyager so you can skip 50% of the game play, the most interesting part basically, like hunting for food, crafting and raising non combat skills. Even on Stalker you can get by with cans for at least 100 days without ever needing to hunt for deer and rabbits or fish, other then to maybe craft your clothing, which is also not necessary for survival at those levels. I really like mastering rifle shooting but at this point Stalker is a snoozefest for me. So to recap: - Stalker weather conditions and food/drink supply should be the starting point for all difficulty levels. - New voyager = Old Stalker - New Stalker = Old Interloper but with rifle - Interloper: No changes Comon Hinterland , you know this makes perfect sense!
  4. If anything, Interloper has become harder after last patch, for me. This is due to the new smell mechanics (animal AI) and most importantly, the loss of the quick stats window with all the weather, temperature and hours left in the day. This is because interloper for me is all about micro managing your time spent outside down to the last 15 min or so, because a simple mistake or timing misjudgment can be fatal. I do agree that the new UI is more realistic though but I also think that the new rabbit catching mechanics was a needed help to balance the new Loper difficulties I mentioned. The last patch wiped my 110 days interloper save with 60+ matches, full crafted clothing , 4 skills on level 5 and about 30+ kg of raw meat on ice and a massive wood stockpile. After patch I can't seem to get past 50 days because of stupid mistakes and timing screw-ups, rabbits or not.
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    A compass

    When all the zones were new to me I used to get lost in woods in various zones often, especially when foggy weather, at night or during a blizzard. A simple compass would have saved me a lot of early tries at surviving and navigating during bad visibility. Now that I'm familiar with all the zones and that we even got maps, I still want one. It seems like a very essential tool to have in a survival game, especially with no maps at all for years. A compass should have been introduced years ago but, it's never too late for a nice compass addition, IMO of course.
  6. Small thing to add but still annoying: The weight numbers when in red are VERY hard to see for me. Dark red font on black background just doesn' t seems to work. This is on ultra high graphics settings. Maybe change it to more bright colors like flashy light red or even orange?