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  1. @BIGwooly When I first entered the zone, and when I came out of Hibernia I only had dried goods on me (mostly energy bars since those are amazing for short travel expeditions). Though when I came out of the cave I did have some fresh guts on me which undoubtedly made me pretty smelly to the wolves. If they see you, they'll track and stick around for awhile, which is undoubtedly what happened in the beginning. The smell mechanic draws them to you even if they don't see you. I've found a good way to use that mechanic as an advantage to keep them away from my hot spots / long stay spots though.
  2. Hey thanks a lot, @Mel Guille I appreciate it! I only wrote what happened in the game, so it's just a lens with which to see the real talent; the game itself. I know that probably sounded cheesy as hell, though haha. Seriously, I appreciate the work that has gone into it, and hope others get to enjoy it as well. Cheers,
  3. I am sad that I have but one review to give for this game. This was the one I did some time ago, hope to help inspire others to write one as well. Cheers
  4. Oooh. I always called this pathfinding myself, but definitely one of my favorite pursuits in any game. I've found some rather creative ones in TLD, but now I will have to do some actual notation for future paths. Carry on, brave explorers! Note in most "Launched" games this is considered exploitation. However as hunting out, preventing and patching exploits used to be part of my job, I consider it just damn fun. Also it is in alpha (well, truthfully it's more like beta at this point) afterall
  5. I say they're already here! This was a particularly fun, and challenging moment for me in the game. I had a total of 5 wolves track me through Desolation Point, staring at the road near the entrance from Crumbing Highway. First, it was just the one near the light house, but then a second tailed me from near the road. They followed me all the way to Hibernia. I thought after two days inside, not giving them a glimpse they'd go away, but lo' when I slipped out I was instantly confronted not by two, but four now! I hid in a near by car for awhile, waiting for them to lose interest... [
  6. Alright, after going on a bunny slaughtering spree, you are absolutely correct. You will want to aim for closer to the knuckle of the thumb. My earlier aiming was taking into account that the rabbits were on an incline, about eye level with my character rather than below. Poor rabbits, I've killed about 45 of the little cute buggers. Still think the neck snapping is brutal haha (but releasing them is satisfying as well.)
  7. Hopefully this is the right location for this, but figured I'd share some points that I discovered while rabbit hunting with rocks! (Please feel free to move, or let me know if I am missing appropriate tags, still is my first day here afterall ) It's tricky, and frustrating at first, but I've found that the trick is to aim using your extended hand. The hand essentially becomes a view finder based on distance - it's a little hard to see without some trial and error, so I've illustrated the concept below. This is a rough estimation of the concept (Hey I don't want to make it too
  8. Hah - thanks! Ol skull head never grows old on me. Send me a DM if ya want to see the full resolution version.
  9. @TheRealNFK @cekivi @Wasteland Watcher Thanks for the welcome! Happy to have helped explain it a bit. I may have also finally registered to respond to this thread, so thanks for the motivation haha. Been playing the game since early ish 2015 and this is what finally got me to join up. Cheers!
  10. Ah it's always been like that, at least with the trapper's homestead. A certain aesthetic choice that I've personally enjoyed a lot. Nice to see they added it to the Mountaineer's hut! Example: Screenshot from Feb 2016 (Trapper's homestead)
  11. Hey all. Iterating a little bit on what JAFO mentioned, this is something with how the Unity game engine handles stray alpha data on most commonly its billboard shaders. Grass, such as what you see above is handled as a flat 2D object that is presented to the camera (player) in the same manner no matter the direction you look at it from (some exceptions, such as looking from above where it disappears). This is called a billboard, and they have their own diffuse (not affected by lighting) shader type. Unity has its own versions of this, utilized in TLD. The lines that you see are