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  1. Great pictures. Y también Argentino, fumo porro y tomo vino.
  2. Today I went out in a Stalker run hoping to find a bear to repair my bedroll. I came across six wolves in total, plus the bear. I thought it would be cool to share it in this thread.
  3. Ok. I'll give it a try today. I've been playing a stalker run and that thing mixed up everything. Plus I can't stop the urge to hunt with the bow.
  4. The thing is I don't have any firewood. I don't need any food right now as I got two deer already. So fishing is not an option (even if I needed to fish, I don't have any firewood AT ALL)
  5. Yes. I thought the lookout was outdoors too, but it isn't. I thought loading screen meant indoor, that's why I'm asking. Just to be sure.
  6. The only challenge I'm facing is cabin fever. Im at a point where I have no wood (my bad, spent a lot of time playing with the bow) and I have to spend some time outside. The fishing huts are far too cold. Is Dave's Quiet Clearing ok for cabin fever? Because I been there and it's ok temperature wise
  7. Thank you so much for the information. Yes. On the way to ML I went through the cave in the Ravine and thought it would be a great place to camp. The first thing I will do is finish looting all the fishing huts and cabins (with the hope of finding a bedroll), and in the meantime I'll work on the clothes. In the worst case scenario I'll go to Trapper's Cabin visiting Unnamed Pond before.
  8. If I get the bedroll in this playthrough I'm buying a yacht.
  9. Rada_


    I think that depends on the game experience that each one is looking for. If you need you can drop sticks as you go. But honestly It would be cool to be able to stick a piece of cloth to a tree.
  10. Day 34. Thanks to all of you for your opinions Definitely I want to get out of ML, but it seems kinda hard. I think it's more dangerous to go all the way back to DP than to stay here. I'm not doing bad though. I still have to loot some cabins and fishing huts. Now I have to start crafting my clothes. I got the deer on the pic and I have one more outside Camp Office. Three more deer and four wolfs for the clothing. Then two bears for the bedroll.
  11. Thanks. For some reason I thought ML was going to be easier than the other regions, I don't know why. Definitely camping there.
  12. Nope, I don't have a bedroll. I'm definitely going to fish for a while. How many days do I have until interloper is unplayable? Is that a thing? I'm at day 27. Is there a day 60? 100?
  13. Why the hell am I getting cabin fever in the lookout? I thought it was considered outside. Well, this is not looking good.