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  1. I have already found the forge and made arrowheads
  2. I love see that to and I would hunt them fun be for run to hole in ground
  3. Yes good a good idea to because mainly metal arrows or more advanced survivors as in normal people's situation who don't know how to survive your first logical thing would be wood arrows I mean to think about it
  4. when I was in high school I had 3 years of woodworking and one year of metal so I know how to use a forge because we had one in the shop and yes you can use wood to fire a forge as well not just Cole but they would have to be logs not sticks
  5. I think it would give a chance for them to put a stone pump pedal-powered kind of grinder in that would take at least three days to make which you could sharpen your arrowheads on and I was meaning thinking for the wood arrows as a form of protection you know you can try to fight and yes they're not going to be very accurate but you know it's a fill self defense against wolves and if they ever put coyotes would be good for picking them off as well and with the stone arrows I mean yes you'd have to put durability on and stuff you would definitely be able to take out deer Native Americans have used Stone arrows for years to take out deer Bears elk yeah that's why I think they should put it in stone arrows because realistically most people don't have blacksmith smarts to even know how to make metal arrows I mean come on
  6. I live next to Canada and since you're making a survival game there should be more than one type of Arrow you did a great job with the metal arrows but they're not practical in a survival situation wooden arrows or more easier to make and then you have stone arrows which Native Americans have been using since forever which can take down a deer and a bear I love the game but I could use wood and stone arrows