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  1. I like your idea for patches too. Craft a rabbitskin into a patch then you can apply that patch onto a piece of clothing. The wolfskin hat would be amazing, I definitely want to steal Jeremiah's! Yeah reclaimed wood is a bad starter. I'd like to see the ability to choose some small number of sticks and start a fire with that instead of just one stick when you initially start the fire. That way you get a fire that lasts long enough to throw your reclaimed wood on
  2. A couple of ideas - First I'd love it if items didn't just become useless. Specifically, rabbit skins and stack of papers/newsprint and tinder plugs. Rabbit skins are only good for repair after your first pair of mittens and after firemaking level 3, tinder plugs are not necessary. Nice to drop around or mark places with, but no real mechanic that needs them. Maybe an idea for rabbit skins could be small embellishments to boots or gloves - small bonuses to warmth or waterproofness or windproofness, or a reduction to the chance to sprain an ankle in a fall maybe, in the case of boots. So you could craft these enhancement(s) onto a deerskin boot or trousers or any crafted item. When crafting, maybe your level of ability could matter. So a wolfskin coat made with mending level 1 might be a little sloppy and would only have maximum stats 75% of the maximum possible. Maybe it just starts in a degraded condition. As your level increases, you could improve your item so the maximum stats are raised, similar to repair. At mending level 5 maybe the stats are always all maxed because you make really good stuff. Maybe mending would have to be level 3 or higher to make the rabbitskin embellishments in the first suggestion above? Second - tinder plugs could give some small bonus to making a fire, 1-5% maybe depending on skill, or maybe just for level 3+ fire makers. Using tinder plugs is better than not using them, but they could still be not necessary after level 3 since you're so good at it. I saw the idea for crafting a firelog out of them + lamp oil and like that idea too.
  3. I like this idea. Giving the items in the game a sense of purpose beyond just raw material is a good move, in my opinion. Having a chance of minor injury for breaking crates down by hand makes sense to me as well, although maybe not necessarily a mandatory loss of health should you avoid injury. I mean, you could conceivably break a crate or two down by hand and not hurt yourself, but you might, and if you were to wear work gloves or even the driving gloves, you'd certainly protect yourself to more or lesser degrees.
  4. Sorry, I mean is it possible to keep the stats visible, hunger, thirst, cold, etc along with perhaps the amount of oil left in a storm lantern?
  5. I think the item would be useful and add to the game, especially if it's an "item" that you can find and choose to use or not use. In whiteout conditions it could save your life. I was caught in a storm and nearly froze because I couldn't orient myself back to where I needed to go and ended up spending the night outdoors with 1 hours of fire and a bedroll. I too was like 100-200 meters from where I wanted to get to! I do agree that it's fun to try and memorize some of the landscape features, but this is a videogame and the graphics are far from real, so a lot of places look very similar, so it's still easy to get lost even if you sort of know the way. My opinion is just that the compass as an item you could choose to use or not use would add to the game, especially for us not as savvy players!
  6. Is it possible to make the HUD stay in view? How?
  7. smartrip


    Was also thinking, as you discover locations, could there be some kind of map of the region that get revealed? Perhaps this could be as simple as using a page of the players journal to "sketch" out the locations that are named and that you've discovered. Not necessarily that this item would should you, the player, where you are, just that if you've found a location it would be recorded. Just like if you were really out wandering around and wanted to keep track of where you've been and what the major features of the land were so that you could find your way back at some point in time?
  8. I'm very new to the game, just bought it on Steam a few days back after watching it for quite a while on the sidelines. I love the concept and the gameplay is pretty fun. As a new person, I get lost. Constantly. Is it possible to add a new item to the game, which would function like a compass. Basically this item when found and equipped could be present on the HUD and show you the direction of North and generally which direction you're going based on that.
  9. smartrip

    Hockey stuff?

    Love the idea, maybe a hockeystick for one of the possible weapons? Should function like a club or a mace I suppose.