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  1. for me it's all the make-work maintenance , the ridiculous decay rate of some objects and drop locations. Food goes bad , clothes rip and axes dull but i have a sharpening stone and axe i got from my grandfather that he bought in the 1930s. For that matter most stones will work as a blade sharpener in a pinch so why carry anything at all? Likewise my parents have a can opener that is used most days and has a decidedly 1970s feel to it. It works every time and never once have they had to maintain it. In real life any cabin with a gun will also have ammo for that gun. Also pencils ubiquitous and don't need electricity so why do we need to bother with charcoal? I get that some maintenance/spoilage/strange drops make sense and are part of the game but ultimately the game is a sandbox for the story but the story isn't served by having to stockpile sharpen stones, can openers, cleaning kits, etc.
  2. the gods of of the Reload have have blessed me.
  3. .is apparently, nowhere. bounced off the top of hill in pretty spectacular fashion. also just out of reach. hopefully it falls when i load the game again....
  4. tsrs

    Meat Bags

    it may be that they just degraded to 0. IIRC the quartered animals degrade like an unbutchered animal. Wolves don't steal meat regardless of where it is left, unless you leave it as a decoy
  5. IIRC there is one in either (or both) the overlook tower in CH and/or ML.
  6. it would be one thing if they are were there or not at the start of the game but they vanished during my game, after i had stashed a bunch of goodies there for crafting. the other bummer is that now there is no wind break for long crafting sessions.
  7. FYI it's still an issue post the RS update. *sigh. i had such high hopes for those pelts and tools.
  8. yep. worse still you have no idea what settings correspond to which of the original difficulty levels so you really don't know if you are even getting what you want until you play for a bunch of days.
  9. checked today. still no luck. This is the same game as before so maybe it only applies to new games.
  10. so that's were that bugger came from. Leaving the gas station i heard him but didn't seem him anywhere so i took a few steps and bang! he was on me.
  11. and.... I've been playing for over a year. I've shot bears, gathered firewood, food, berries, etc. I'm good on the game mechanics so all i want it to be able to leave the extended tutorial section of the game and get to something interesting. The Story so far doesn't contain much story. it's basically survival mode where you check in with a NPC made worse by not being able to stack quests. I mean what have we learned so far? The wild is mostly empty and something strange has happened. We know that from the disclaimer splash screen. Let's get on with it already.
  12. still an issue. if it was anything other than ammo it wouldn't hurt so bad
  13. so you added to your post count w/o adding anything to the discussion and completely missing the larger point. kudos to you "technically correct guy"
  14. so i've played through ep 1 to the point where i'm finally dealing with the bear. the thought of having to trek around to six locations and shoot him has sent me back to sandbox mode. it's just taken too long to get through the basic stuff and so much of story revolves around doing/redoing really basic things and now i've got to do this stupid bear hunt to move forward. yuck.
  15. but you'd also get to see plastic bottle materialize right in front of you.... so you have that going for ya.