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  1. It's pretty ridiculous that when the player is skinning an animal and a wolf approaches, he does not hear the wolf growl or bear roar, like he has headphones on and is listening to death metal. Realistically, when the animal makes such a loud noise in close proximity, we should have an option to either abandon or continue the fast-time action that we were doing.
  2. I agree with Troy. If you are more than halfway when the ice breaks, the reasonable thing would be to get out on the other side. Alternatively, I think it would be quite exciting if the player had control after the ice breaks. - Camera is just above the ground to simulate height of head compared to water - The player must move forward (crouch speed) while breaking ice in from of him until he reaches strong ice - 5% condition loss per minute while in the water - high fatigue loss while in the water - the player drowns if fatigue goes to zero - when the player reaches strong ice, he climbs out
  3. Confirmed. No Fluffy in the Dam.
  4. I could use a little help from players that have checked out the new Carter Hydro Dam. I've searched through the dam 3 times and cannot find the way to Winding River.
  5. I usually go to bed without putting out my torch. I hope that makes you feel better.
  6. Beds are extremely valuable for their warmth bonus. Right now there are only 2 things you can do in them, sleep or pass time. I wish it were possible to do a few more things in bed, and still get the warmth bonus: - repair clothing - harvest / break down most items in inventory (rabbits an exception because of mess?) - sharpen tools - eat / drink - read (also, we should be able to read in half hour segments)
  7. I can report a successful forge run at FM. I still don't have bedroll though. I was stocked up with tools, 18 coal, 20 cattails, and 5 decoys. I waited 2 days at Camp Office due to wind and blizzards. A snowy, but calm morning came. I decided to take my chances instead of waiting longer. From the camp office I ran to the FM train car. I had to drop 1 decoy still on ML. I lost about 20% condition getting there, but gambled on a cold but early start due to blizzard risk. A blizzard was just rolling in as I got to the FM train car. My gamble paid off I waited out the blizzard, and still had plenty of daylight and good weather to get to Homestead. I used happybjorn's directions to the homestead. There were 2 wolves at the bunk houses, that cost me 2 more decoys. I got to Homestead, I started crafting away, made a knife and 8 arrowheads. Slept, woke up late afternoon. I left about 10 coal at Homestead, it could be useful later. The weather was good, so I immediately started heading back. On the way back I took a more or less straight as an arrow route between the Homestead and High Blind, this allowed me to avoid the 2 wolves at he bunk houses. I took a chunk of meat from a deer carcass on the way so I had enough decoys again. The weather was so good, that I made it all the way back to the camp office without stopping to warm up and not even freezing. Now I am back at Trapper's with a bow and 5 arrows on day 29. I'll need to kill my first deer, as rabbits are running low across all 4 accessible rabbit spawn areas. After I am stocked up on food and water, I intend to face Fluffy. I need the access to coal in the cave, and the potential bedroll spawn in Winding River.
  8. Cabin fever is caused by 2 things: isolation and boredom In TLD, isolation is constant. Boredom is not. As such, all of the following things should help lower cabin fever risk: - reading a book - killing / catching an animal - being attacked by an animal - doing something you haven't done in a while (ex: fishing if you haven't fished in a week, crafting if you haven't crafted in a week) Also, cabin fever wouldn't necessarily be gone in 24 hours if you never address what causes it. I would recommend that: - cabin fever should be cured by spending a cumulative 12 or 18 hours outdoors - we should be able to pass time indoors - 1% per hour health decrease while indoors with cabin fever - no health decrease while outside due to cabin fever - no sleeping inside with cabin fever
  9. Situation: Interloper player is on Mystery Lake and already has bedroll, hammer, hacksaw, cured saplings, and cured guts. Which is safer? Going to Forlorn Muskeg or Desolation Point to craft knife, hatchet, and arrowheads?
  10. It was on day 24 of Interloper with a freshly crafted bow that I was passing through the Gas Station. I stayed there a few hours. I step outside and insta-kill!!! The wolf was only a few feet away, in less then a second he was on top of me. Who in their right mind would just waltz out of the Gas Station anyways? I understand that a game engine overhaul would be needed to see out of windows. You can be damn sure though that in a real life situation any sane person would open the door just a crack and look out. If there is a wolf there he can slam the door shut and be safe inside. I wish for the following game feature: Upon leaving any area with a door, the player goes into a peek mode where he is still behind the door but can peek out. He can look left and look right but still be able to instantly retreat. Pressing W would make him leave this mode and close the door behind him. To make things even more fun, I think we should be able to shoot in this mode as well.