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  1. I'm totally cool with this concept as well. Anything to replace that timed select screen.
  2. I love this game! Let me just preface with that. One thing I'd like to see improved is how you select a weapon for a fight. My suggestion is this. Allow a player to equip any weapon at any time .. just as you can equip a rifle or a bow .. allow us to equip a knife or a hammer or a crowbar. You can attribute a movement penalty for having a weapon equipped, to aid with balance and encourage players to not walk everywhere with a weapon out. And if you're walking around with a rifle out and you get jumped you're stuck with fighting with your hands, etc. I just lost a 43 day interloper game because I left a building (crouched) and there was apparently a wolf right next to the door. I was attacked instantly, which I don't take issue with as it makes sense to me that wolves might be hanging around buildings sometimes. What I take issue with is the fact that in real life I would be walking out with a weapon ready just in case. In this case, the attack came so unexpectedly that I accidentally hit the "A" button to fight back and thus accidentally selected my hands to fight with ... even though I had a hammer, an improvised knife and hatchet, and a crowbar. I don't mind dying in the game, it's inevitable. But dying because I couldn't have a weapon ready or pre-selected just isn't fun or realistic. Would love to see that select screen ditched and have the ability to actually equip a weapon instead. Thanks!
  3. I've field dressed deer, rabbits and various game birds in real life and I could see it being more tedious with a hatchet. I've always used my hands and a knife together, but a hatchet would be a bit unwieldy I think. I feel like you'd have to put the hatchet down a lot and use your hands, then pick the hatchet back up, etc. So I can see why the time would be a bit longer. A knife should always be the fastest way, though.
  4. I believe so. I was headed past the little island with the rabbits up to Misanthrope's once and looked away from Misanthrope's island for a second and then suddenly heard a bark and looked back to see a wolf coming down the hill towards me. There was no way I could have missed the wolf as I had been staring at the island while walking. So I backtracked and used the little rabbit island to block the wolf's line of sight and was hoping that it would be distracted by one of the rabbits. I maintained a position where I could see the hill up to Misanthrope's as well as to either side of the little rabbit island. This way I could see which way the wolf decided to go and thus avoid it. After several minutes no wolf had appeared, so I slowly walked back around the little island. Sure enough there was a dead rabbit on the ice but no wolf. The wolf had literally vanished. There is no way it could have left without me seeing it leave. Essentially, it must have despawned.
  5. THIS! lol ... this is exactly what I have noticed.
  6. Okay, so compass in, lol. Could be super useful if you got lost in a storm, etc.
  7. The simplicity of the game ... survive against nature ... no zombies or monsters or aliens or soldiers ... just a howling cold wind and the growling of your stomach. Specifically though, finding hat/gloves on interloper, lol.
  8. I was crossing the ice from the log sort to Jackrabbit island and knew there had been a wolf in the area just before the island, so I was moving carefully and scanning constantly. Weather was good, not foggy or snowing, so I should have been able to see a wolf pretty easily. I was about fifty meters from the island when I happened to scan back to my right and boom, the wolf was there about 30-40 meters on my flank. Now keep in mind I had been scanning this area CONSTANTLY to avoid any sort of surprise encounter. I've had previous questionable wolf sightings but this one, without a doubt, solidifies that there is an issue with either the spawning or the draw-in. There is no way I would have missed a wolf that close. As it was I could still see wolves from a pack that were back near the log sort ... easily 100 meters away. Anyone else notice this issue of wolves being able to spawn in an area the moment you're not looking there?
  9. I think the issue with that would be the nature of the geomagnetic disaster ... would probably render a compass unreliable/worthless?
  10. I have to disagree. At first the new UI bothered me because I was so accustomed to the precision of the previous UI. But I gave it time and after a week of playing I actually prefer this UI now BECAUSE it's not as precise. For me it feels a bit more immersive now because I'm playing the game more than playing the numbers. I play on interloper exclusively, so I fully understand the difficulty of playing without numbers. I think a great compromise would be allowing players to find a watch within the world .. and a thermometer .. both of which could allow for exact measurements for those that really want that. The only thing I can't get away from is micromanaging calories, because that's a necessity on interloper. It is somewhat annoying to have to dig into the menus to see how many calories I have, but it's really not that big of a deal, IMO.
  11. Okay nevermind this is definitely a bug. I just went into the coastal townsite and all of the cars/homes are showing that they haven't been searched even though I had searched them all just a few days ago. It's like the game reset the coastal townsite. I'll file a report.
  12. I harvest a hide from the deer carcass that spawns near the dock at the coastal highway townsite. I left the hide to cure in the nearest house, and looted the house. I just went back to retrieve the hide after about a week and noticed the deer carcass was still on the ice. I thought that was curious since I know they usually disappear after a day or so after you harvest from them. Went into the house and my curing hide was gone. Then I noticed that all of the cupboards, etc were searchable again. Anyone else ever experience this weirdness?
  13. Haha, thanks man. I'd be pretty happy with those changes, or at the very very least ... don't penalize us for doing productive activities indoors. For me, the way CF currently works, it breaks immersion by forcing me to play against a game mechanic in a way that makes no sense inside the game world. It would be like if lighting too many fires in a week randomly caused you to get burned and not be able to light a fire for 24 hours. Instead of playing to survive you're now focusing on the number of fires you're lighting. It's immersion breaking and doesn't add value to the gameplay.
  14. I think two primary adjustments should be made to CF at a minimum. First, the 'time indoors' to reach CF should be tied to a particular location. So if you sit inside the same house for 3 days straight, etc. But if you're in coastal home one day, and the garage the next, and one of the fishing shacks the next ... it doesn't make sense to me that being in these different indoor locations is all contributing to me going crazy from being indoors. Second, time spent being productive indoors shouldn't count against you. If you're repairing clothing, cooking food, breaking down furniture, crafting clothing, making torches, reading books ... it makes no sense to me that the character is going to go crazy. He/she is actively engaging their mind. He/she has a purpose and a mission. I think CF should be tied to doing absolutely nothing in a single location. I wouldn't even mind if the time to catch it was shorter if these revisions were made, although I don't think it needs to be.