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  1. Don't get me wrong the game that has been created by you all at hinterland is epic one of my all time favorites which is kinda hard to say since the game itself isn't even out yet survival mode is a great and fun opportunity to play a unique game. But, with the amount of people you have now working on upgrading and introducing new gameplay and mapping for your game it just seems to be poor quality anymore. On the forums here I have asked some questions some of which were awnsered some were just avoided by telling me to go to the official site and look which didn't clearly wander the questions
  2. Has survival mode been given an official release date yet.
  3. I was just curious if the text branch is something thats available to do on xbox 1
  4. Ive read in multiple locations and understand that the progress made tword and the badges earned will carry over in the sandbox to survival mode update which im excited to hear. But i do have two questions that i havent been able to find the awnser to as of yet on the website or forums. 1st will the badges earned be something you can activate or use for story mode?. 2nd will there be any other badges available or added other the what is already available to achieve?
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I did just finally find on il plesant valley after searching the map again. Unfortunatelly it was a food bunker and most had already ruined. No worries tho lol
  6. Im around 190 days on voyager mode with roughly 90-95% of the world explored and even with using the maps available for the game showing bunker locations i still havent found one on my xbox one. I started a new character in plesant valley and have moved on to a few maps still having no luck. So my question is are the bunkers available for xbox currently and if so is it possible for no bunkers to spawn at all. Idk if the type of mode matters but all my characters have been staryed in voyager
  7. Thanks for saying hello timberwolf and appreciate the input patrick i will defnetily check that out.
  8. Ive been looking around for awhile and havent been able to locate the information i was looking for. Im curious once the sandbox is updated to survival mode in late may will there be content held back until the story mode is released or will all the new maps,items,wildlife and all the new mechanics you guys speak of be available for the survival mode once it is out later this month.