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  1. I can’t read this much and have my brain turn to mush after my eyes glaze over lol, BUT if this post has to do with what we talked about on stream I’m totally on board with them making these changes to allow greater control of loot selection on custom settings! Cheers!!
  2. 1. Craftable headgear(see item 2) 2. Beavers to make said headgear. These would be a trappable only animal. You would have to locate their habitat on a river and set up traps for them. You would never see a live one. 3. A way to preserve meat. Take collecting salt from certain mines to combine with meat and make it last longer, but it would make you more thirsty 4. Alternativly a way to create a smoker that you could smoke fish in. 5. Craftable containers. What would you wish for????
  3. Once i find a moose i try to crouch till i get into range where if i stand he Will aggro. Then i build a fire. Once built i stand to cause a charge. As he charges fire hoping to get a clean head shot. If that fails he Will see the fire and rear up getting ready to run away. As he does this if I'm quick enough i can get off another shot with the bow. Even if unsuccessful in killing him, this next shot Will cause him to rear again giving me time to shoot him again. Rinse And repeat until the moose is dead. Btw... Flares can kill a moose.. And like bears if hit with a flare they break attack to flee. Happy hunting
  4. I agree the dam is a great location for your main stash of items. My pay style though i don't "base" up anywhere for long. I find making cashes of food and water, supplies, and items in each zone allows for much exploration and after a few hundred days in the game it's fun to move around without having to carry all that stuff with you. Camp office, farmhouse( in both Milton and pv), fishing huts and garage in CH, riken in DP, mountaineers hut in TWM are all great set spots for gear and stuff. Good luck and keep surviving!
  5. Just to let you know we are updating these tables as time goes on. They are not perfect but they are really helpful