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  1. I'm with you! Yes I was disappointed yesterday, but that is really only down to being so keen to play the next iteration of the game I so dearly enjoy playing. I don't feel cheated, that trailer is really very good, and the team still have my full support. Really the only problem I have was with the whole managing expectations thing, but we're also partly to blame for that too. Getting giddy with anticipation is fun, but only really raises the expectation bar too high. And I'm sure we'll all do it again... it's a heck of a rollercoaster I'm in for the long haul (*ahem) and am reall
  2. I love the game. I love the trailer. I will play the game and will buy all the episodes. The problem I'm having today, and the problem I think a lot of us are having, is that this was ridiculously avoidable. You guys read these forums and post on them a lot. You must have had a sense from this thread alone as to how excited we all were. "Are they gonna add the moose?". "Is it an update?", "it better not be a countdown to a countdown" You say that you listen to us, but there's no point in that if you don't hear what we're saying. All that needed to happen was for one of you reading th
  3. I've calmed down a bit now. I got a bit huffy for a bit. The problem is - I love this game to bits. Played it for hours and hours. My brother and I play it at the same time and party chat whilst doing it. It's beautiful, thoughtful and an enormous amount of fun. I'm not gonna stop playing it anytime soon, it's my go to entertainment. I can forgive the devs for cocking up the counter thing, it's not the end of the world.... But it still would have been nice to have a tangible thing at the end of the counter.... sigh
  4. Sandbox update later this month to include maps, throwing stones. No new regions or moose Very disappointed actually
  5. Surely they must realise the anticipation the countdown caused... And they would release the sandbox update the same day in order to ease the pain....
  6. A countdown to a countdown....seriously????
  7. You're not helping me man!!
  8. Thanks buddy! I'm currently fretting that whatever happens won't roll out on the Xbox.....
  9. Hey Chaps, another ex-lurker here, this "countdown" business is certainly bringing us all out into the open! I just wanted to say, that however misleading the countdown has been, and whatever purpose it actually serves, it has achieved in this TLDer at least, an even more rabid sense of anticipation than any previous game update, new animal (is it too late to vote for badgers?), weapon or region. I love this game, as I'm sure we all do. For me, it's actually got me through some seriously bad times. No other game allows such a rewarding and contemplative experience, that you can set a