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  1. I've been having bugs where my game locks up in Forlorn Muskeg and I was trying to submit a bug report via the bug report forum, but Atlassian gives me an error when I log in, saying my account doesn't have access to those particular forums. I'm not sure how to "request" them, or if there's something else I need to do in order to get access. My Atlassian account has the same email address that I use here. I followed the "verify game files" instructions, and now my screen is completely black when I start up, though the music plays.
  2. I didn't know about taking a screenshot of the issue at the time, so I'm sorry I don't have more data than what I remember. This occurs within the challenge "Nomad." I've played the game in sandbox mode for awhile without any issues and I know I've encountered the urban parka in sandbox mode, but I don't remember if I tried repairing it or not. On the first day of the Nomad challenge, I was upstairs in the farmhouse. I had gathered a few things and started a fire already. I picked up the parka in the upstairs bedroom and tried to repair it in the early morning. I remember I was facin