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  1. there is no corpse in unnamed pond in my game
  2. Trixie

    Need abvice

    playing redux . I found hanks box in the lookout but now what never done this side mission before
  3. Trixie

    large box

    Can you guys please add a large box out likely base places for wood or our kills
  4. Trixie

    No caches

    befor the update the one a cross from office was the one that pops out most in my game but not one time since the update nor any of the others
  5. Trixie

    No caches

    I have made about 15 new sandbox game for ML not one of them have the Cache near Office
  6. I have literally gone every inch ML and cant find the key to the lock box in the lookout (please help)
  7. Do you guys think there will be bunkers in story mode
  8. So much hate and I can't understand why. I mean they didn't actually promise anything No new update or story mode it was down to us for why we all feel a little disappointed Love the game and the creators
  9. What like "Come here little bunny, I am hungry an you look tasty"
  10. What is the Parley system and what does it mean
  11. Trixie


    Definitely a keeper
  12. Trixie


    Names Amandajoy (Aj) trixie is screen name only. what can I say about me.... Well I just turned 30 end of last year, I am australian british descent with a finger nail of italian and french mixed in I am married with 3 fur babies (cat) named Ayla (dog staffy/boxer) named Millie and (another dog Staffy/mastiff) named Cazmo he just had his frist birthday I have been with my husband 11 years this years married for only 6 of them. Both my husband and I live Gluten and lactose free that's it really not much to tell oh my interests are Books (Reading and writing them) PC games, sewing and baking
  13. Trixie


    been there done that. we have been in our house for all most two years and still have boxes with stuff in them