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  1. @Raphael van Lierop I wanted to update and say that I played for several hours last night after seeing that a new patch had been release for the Xbox version. I encountered no crashing, or any issues, whatsoever. Thank you and your team for the continuing hard work. Stay warm, and may you never experience the pang of hunger.
  2. Nevermind. This has not fixed the crashing to dashboard. Same situation. Leaving a building in Milton.
  3. @Raphael van Lierop Thank you for the explanation of the current state of the game. Is there a list of "Known Issues" for Xbox users so we can know what exact bugs are known before posting them? At this point, I can no longer play the game and will await patching. The constant crashes to dashboard on Xbox are just too frustrating to continue putting time into it...as you have stated that you and your team are aware of. Good luck.
  4. I was crashing to dashboard after leaving buildings in Milton. It was quite common. TLD was loaded onto my external drive and I was playing it from there. I have moved it to the internal XBOX drive and I have played it quite some time now with no more crashes to dashboard. Just a suggestion if it applies to you. Stay warm.
  5. I may have found an issue with this. I had TLD on external drive before and was crashing. Moved it to internal and no more issues. Not sure if that applies to anyone else but might be something to look at.
  6. There is a path to the right to bypass the bridge. You can sleep in cars. The storymode is a guided journey and you will eventually find beds to sleep in, and I can assume a bedroll. I cant get past the Milton area and collecting wood for Grey Mother without crashing to dashboard upon exiting buildings so I cant confirm exactly how long till bedroll.
  7. Same issue here on XB1. Game crashes to dashboard upon exiting a building in Milton. It has happened 4 different times, from 4 separate buildings. I have decided to play something else until this gets fixed.
  8. You, my friend, are amazing. I will now stop grabbing the knife. Thank you for the work, effort, and all the information you provide. With every single result you post, you provide this community with some amazing information. Ten
  9. Thanks for the responses! @ChillPlayer, I have had it fail twice in the last two nights when I threw a lit torch at a wolf. One of them actually hit the wolf. Both times, they still charged me. So, Im still a little confused about it. I figured if I had the chance to back away while brandishing it would help. Im glad Im not the only one that hates the flare right in my face. In reality, it would be held down out of my view, or high above my head. Having it right in front is counteracting the use. @JAFO, you are correct. It has been awhile. I last played v.394 and have been away for six weeks prior to coming back a few days ago and playing the Cartographer update. Either way, it was new to me. And very welcome! lol I was going off of what I read in the change log about making it so that you can craft things from the journal. If it was implemented prior to that, then I missed it. Its still a good update. I was glad to come back and start playing the game and seeing the changes. That breath one though. LOL Its silly. Take care. Ten
  10. It was a great update and Im in love with many of the changes. I was extremely happy to see the cartographer aspect added. I wanted to put my two coppers in on the feedback department. POSITIVE 1. I like the fact that I can add resources to the map. If I see a stump with mushrooms, a berry bush, a corpse, a carcass, etc. I should be able to add that to the map for future reference. I have not played long enough to know that if you use that resource it is removed from the map. I will be on the lookout for that next time. 2. The addition of "scent" to your character. Predators would and should be able to track you by stench. Its realistic. The location of the icon seems to be bothersome for some, but its not a big deal to me. 3. The stone throwing is BOMBSAUCE. Such an amazing added capability and much needed to be able to get started in a big adventure. Very realistic as well. I would be a Randy Johnson stone throwing fool if I was in that situation in real life. 4. Bringing back the capability to throw flares and torches. I like the fact that I can sling fire at something to get it away from me. (More on this in the negative area.) 5. Getting a torch out of the fire. Its nice and realistic to be able to grab a stick that is burning and use it as a source of light as you walk. Or, as mentioned above, used as a fireball at a furry thing. I see some complaints about the option for the brand or torch. I see no definitive difference in the two (except maybe length of burn which could be addressed) and should be able to be used interchangeably. 6. Addition of the moon and sun dials as a guide for time instead of knowing exactly how many hours there are left at night. Waking up in the middle of the night and knowing you have 3 hours of darkness remaining was completely asinine. I love this new addition. 7. Carcass harvesting changes. I like that I can quarter a large carcass or just pick up a rabbit to move it to a better location for harvesting. Thank you for that. No more having to pass up the opportunity to get resources, when I can just grab and bring them back to my temporary camp. 8. Crafting simple things without having to use a crafting bench! Thank you so much for this. Making a torch on the run is a great option. And more realistic to be able to make simple things without the need of a large bench with a vice. 9. I like that you have to select which medicine you have to use and for what reason. Its more realistic. Taking some painkillers when you need antibiotics should be an option. Finding out later that you took painkillers INSTEAD of the antibiotics will be a great lesson. NEGATIVE 1. I, like many others, think that mapping should be dependent upon your "view" of things. I should be able to climb to the top of the lighthouse on a sunny, clear day and pretty much map the majority of Desolation Point. It should work on the things I can see in my field of view instead of a predetermined circle around me. 2. I absolutely, without a doubt, unequivocally, abhor the idea that the game pauses for you to select how you would like to fight a wolf as it begins its attack. That is completely ridiculous. And I am given an option of how much damage I would like to do? ..."Struggle Weapon Choice. When you get into a Wolf struggle, you now have the option to select between available tools based on the outcome you're looking for: Scare off the wolf, Defend yourself from damage, or go for the Kill."... On what level would you think this to be okay? If I am attacked by a wolf I want to get that wolf off of me, by any means necessary, and to get away from the wolf. I should always have the best tool available to end a struggle as quickly as possible. If I were in this situation in real life I would know exactly what to have in my reach to do so. Giving me an option to select my bare hands so that I dont hurt a snarling teeth tornado attached to my arm too much is just silly. 3. What in the hell did you do to the breath? I cant see anything when Im moving around at night. What the hell is lighting up my breath like an airport runway? 4. Why can I not carry a torch in my left hand and use something with my right? I cant throw a stone and hold a torch? I have thrown down so many torches while trying to do something else because apparently Im only able to use one hand at a time. I can hold a torch and mend clothes, but I cant hold it and throw a stone or wield a knife? 5. Why take away the capability to brandish a torch? I should be able to throw it or brandish it. The option can easily be added to allow both capabilities. I want to be able to challenge a wolf by waving a torch at it instead of taking my chances that I will be able to scare it off by THROWING THE ONLY WEAPON I HAVE IN MY HAND RIGHT NOW. And when it doesnt... I stand there looking stupid. Come on. Especially when you take into consideration in my point above about not being able to have a torch and a knife at the same time. 6. Why remove the capability to use old man's beard with a bandage to make an option that stops bleeding and infection? You basically just made it a two step process of doing the exact same thing. Now, you use the beard and then you use a bandage. Its like telling someone they cant put Neosporin on a bandaid and place it on a wound. But, they can put Neosporin on the wound, and then put a bandaid on it. I imagine this was done because of programming to separate the injuries. If that is the case, it comes across as lazy. All in all, the update was amazing and I am sincerely thankful that you have created such a wonderful, intriguing, immersing game. Thank you very much for all the hard work that you do to give us, the community of players, such a great product. Ten
  11. The cold and managing calories is a bigger problem for me. Thankfully you can see the wolves off in the distance and the ones that get close and catch you off guard seem to give up chase rather quickly when you hightail it out of there. Even if the worse happens and you get into a fight, I have beaten many of them as long as I am decently healthy. If I am 75%+ condition I will stalk wolves, let them kill a deer or rabbit, and then fight them off for the meat. But, I like to live dangerously. Its my middle name. ...Danger is my middle name, not "I like to live dangerously". That would just be silly.
  12. I have a "Love/Hate" relationship with FM. Sometimes its great, others it seems to be against you. Started an interloper run once and found combat boots and a big coat in the homestead and I was amazed and happy. I was in love with FM that time. The zone has a great quality to it. Lots of stuff to do, and search, and explore. Lots of opportunity for food (animals and cat tails) and really good places of shelter that keeps cabin fever away. Started another interloper run and got stuck on the little islands out in the middle of the water with wolves in every direction and no where to run that would not get me wet through thin ice. One wolf decided I was snack worthy and started chase. I ran the opposite direction only to get too close to another, and then turned to run the best I could away from him and into another wolf I went. Its the only time I had three wolves actively chasing me. I hated FM for that. Its a stupid map and I hate it.
  13. Amazing @Timber Wolf!! Thank you so much. Now that I think about it (that is...I asked my wife) it did in fact happen a few times and when I was pretty much fully fatigued. There is a little difference...I play on XBox. My button mashing varies depending upon the level of my alcohol intake. lol But, there was one time that I was fully fatigued and it didnt matter how fast I pushed the button, I just wasnt going to win the fight. The wolf eventually fled but the completion bar was only half way and I was doing my best to get it toward the end. Thank you so much for the efforts and input. You are an asset to help keep many from fading into the long dark. I salute you. Ten
  14. I dont think the condition affects performance. The knife is just like the sewing kit/clothes/food/etc. The condition is only indicating the closeness to being broken/unusable. Thats pretty much indicative of all items with a condition percentage. (I think) With that said, I have noticed that YOUR condition affects fighting with a wolf...no matter what condition the knife is in. You can have a 100% knife and dependent upon you tiredness level or your condition level, it will take more stabs to kill a wolf. Not sure if @Timber Wolf wants to do another test (that one you charted out was amazing, by the way. THANK YOU so much for that type of effort and input and providing the community with it.) To answer the question you asked @Ultimateauthority, I dont worry with the condition of the tools until 60%ish. There are times where I am waiting for something (sun to rise a bit more, a blizzard to let up, getting closer to darkness so I can maximize sleep, etc.) where I will just start sharpening to pass the time. Same goes for repairing almost anything (clothes/lantern/can opener/etc), if I need to pass time then I just look for something to do. The argument could be discussed about how clothing loses performance (warmth provided/wind chill protection/etc.) based upon its condition and THAT might be what people correlate to knife performance. But, I think thats just programmed in for clothing. To caveat...everything I just said may be completely wrong. Its just my opinion and observations of playing. Great discussion. I love this community. Ten