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  1. I'd link it similarly to the conditions of well fed: Do not become completely exhausted for 72 hours. Bonus is more total stamina and slightly better chances on "lucky" checks such as fishing because you can pay more attention to things when you're properly awake. Bonus is reset when you become exhausted.
  2. On my current stalker run, I haven't hit 0cal since day 1. grabbed the Well Fed asap. Meat is never a problem, I always have a few stacks of that outside my current shelter wherever. An advice I heard from someone who was actually at more than 400 days, if you really have trouble later because you can't hund due to a lack of arrows/bows/ammo, eat rabbits. his example on an interloper game was the hunting cabin in ML, and just spam traps in the backyard. there are plenty of shelters which spawn rabbits nearby, another example is the cave at the top of the mountain near the lake (well, there are actually two spots of this description, in opposite directions). they don't have much in terms of meat, but with a dozen or more traps you can still always get your daily meals and then some.
  3. Besides carcasses, I'd also like to move larger pieces of wood around. It makes no sense that we try to take those apart out in the open when a cave or other form of shelter is nearby. My idea on how to implement that is adding a menu option "Carry" which visually works much like how you'd place a fire; the object you're moving will automatically follow the cursor, BUT in this action the weight is added to your weight capacity. You can't do other actions without putting it down first, which means if you need to scare of wolves or something you better think about where you make your stand as you will get a penalty for fight if you're attacked while still carrying stuff. Sleds are often suggested, but haven't ever seen any moderators or devs paying attention to those.
  4. would save you a lot of time you'd need just to melt the snow, I like the idea, but trying to grab it from a waterfall should get you wet as well, depending on your clothes.
  5. I'd even restrict cabin fever to a certain amount of waiting time indoors, like when you're really just wasting time. Developing cabin fever from reading (good) books or producing/maintaining your equipment is not the most logical thing in the basket. I once got it when there was almost a week of snowstorms and terrible temperatures, I used the time to grind through my books, cook what I had stored, make a bear mantle etc. because I could not leave the house without effective temps of at least -18°C with or without storm. That was a nasty experience. A bit far off the topic, though
  6. Great suggestion, especially since besides salting, smoking is your best chance of preserving meat in that enviroment. Cabin fever is an annoyance since I'd have no problem staying inside however long, but I undestand the gameplay effect. However, not having to hunt because you have preserved, smoked meat would be quite valuable. Other things I saw here: Decrease you bow ability by full/half mobility penalty. You just don't have the same range of movement to wield it efficiently when wearing a lot of clothes. From experience I can say that rifles are almost not affected by that, more by the gloves you wear. A hunting crossbow as a not buildable, heavier version of the bow might be fitting for this, although we already have the rifle which on the other hand does a lot more damage.
  7. Kendov


    I'd say this should be posted under bug reports, doesn't make much sense under "Wishlist". haven't seen that before, though.
  8. Kendov

    Flare Gun

    honestly, I never used the flare gun for anything and even the rifle rarely, bow+arrow are sufficient for pretty much everything, so I just keep that stuff until I run out of natural resources. There may be a time when I run out of saplings so I will use them when it comes to that. also, anything running on electricity runs only during auroras at best and any form of end for a sandbox game seems out of place in my eyes. there's a challenge for that
  9. in the same sense I always wonder if people over there don't lock their doors? I heard in some reports that in some areas they really don't, but from people like the hermit I'd think that they still keep their doors locked anyways. doesn''t seem realistic to me that everything is left unlocked besides some lockers.
  10. Kendov


    copy your latest "safe" savefile into a backup folder, if everything goes to hell but there was a savepoint in between just overwrite with the old save, disable cloud of course.
  11. When that happens however, I'd want to see a bunch of other stuff implemented too such as problems that come with mittens. normal gloves are one thing, but if you don't have your fingers free to use, how would you fire a gun for example? from experience I also know that firing a bow with mittens is also a lot more difficult. do you automatically take off the gloves? do you still get the warmth bonus from mittens then while holding a gun/bow?
  12. Possibly personal character stats, such as TES Oblivion, for more personalization beyond the skills? It would have to remain within what is reasonably human, such as 5% increments per skill point, up to 5 per attribute, such as intelligence (you learn skills faster), strength (2kg extra carry per point, additional melee damage to throw off wolves) etc. with a total of, lets say 10-15 points over 6-7 attributes (see Fallout SPECIAL). would need a lot of coding and balancing though, so I don't see this happening anywhere in the future. True, bears would probably have more difficulties but I have seen both dogs and wolves jump at least 6feet up. even if they do not make it over the fence, if they are already after you, chances are they will reach you before you make it to the other side. and even without that, there are already a bunch of places you can use as unreachable hunting platforms, usually those where you have to drop a bit in a rock for example, the pathfinding software has trouble with those so they usually start running. However, even without jumping it would be nice to have something to overcome minor obstacles instead or walking around every log in the forest because you can't just step/climb over it. I think the idea of forging was a mistake in the first place; you are technically a pilot, and from friends who to actually work with metal themselves I know that forging is way too complicated for an average person to craft anything anytime soon. if the fire is too hot, the metal becomes weak, if it's too cold, it becomes brittle. And that's still disregarding all the injuries a 'novice' would likely suffer out of sheer stupidity. IMO forging should only even be available after reading at least two books about it any basis of theoretical knowledge to start with. Flint tools would be cheap to craft, but they don't always succeed; depending on your skill level, you could just have wasted an hour making a knife just for it to split in half. fails upon creation the same way repairs can fail, but you get no bonus for tools. Also, because the edge doesn't last long, they wear down very fast. since they can't be sharpened the way we do it with metal knives, you'd have to knap a new edge with greater chances of the item breaking. All in all, it would be a very time-consuming task with only some chance of success, but this way it would be quite balanced - considering the effort, some people might even decide that it's better to just work with your hands than making flint blades, but each their own?
  13. op probably did not properly use the kill zones, because the heart area behind the front legs is actually more effective than a headshot or anywhere else, I have no idea how else you'd require "a lot of bullets" to kill anything. Ofc it's difficult if you have no idea of how to kill an animal, but the that's a layer8 problem.
  14. good old mystery lake house. fishing huts, rabbits all around, easy to reach deers and caves in case you catch the cabin fever, and the next forge is right in forlorn muskeg. furthermore, it connects to many other maps directly, so you have many options for exploration at the same time.
  15. Kendov


    however much we carry around is up to each themselves, isn't it? how much food, water etc you carry, along with additional equipment, is everybody's own choice, although there are many points are the same in basic needs. But if someone thinks that they'll need a tent, why not let them? for everyday objects like tents, there's no overkill in immersion.