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  1. I also had the same problem, a deer hit with an arrow (win bow experience points at the time of the shot). But the traces disappeared very quickly, and I never found it, nor my arrow. I searched for 3 days (of play) in the area. I thought of a bug following the patches (I play on PS4). I see that I am not alone with this problem.
  2. lem4ge

    Tipi (teepee)

    I do not think they are opposed (who, the developers?). The idea here is have a sustainable shelter, but to build it would require a significant number of skins and wood. This is the case once well in the game (between 50 to 100 days) where many skins become useless. Easy to survive in a cabin
  3. lem4ge

    Tipi (teepee)

    In survival mode, after 50 days, we can have a lot of animals skin, etc. It would be great to be able to make a rustic tipi in homeless areas. Compared to the bivouac tent, it would be more solid and allow to make fire inside. ( images for example from https://www.teepeejoy.com/teepee-history/)
  4. Hello, For the version PS4 of the long dark, How to take a screenshot without the visible HUD ?
  5. it is indeed a shame not to do it for the most emblematic buildings. As much as possible, since some buildings already are. yesterday I left the charming valley farm (loading time). I forgot something, so I came home (loading time), then came out (loading time), boring.
  6. Hello, I love the long dark game experience. But ultimately, I find it frustrating that the inside of the houses are "disconnected" from the world, except for the sounds. playing Red Dead Redemption 2 where you can get into homes without loading time, see what is happening outside by being inside, it strengthens the game immersion. In The Long Dark I like to stay in the mountaineer’s cabin or in the supervising stations because we can see what’s going on outside. It would be nice if all the houses were like this. I’m currently in the quiet valley farm, I see large windows in the living room, but nothing through. In addition, loading times to enter and exit are very long (on PS4 pro)
  7. In survival mode, I was surprised seeing a bear very near the pleasant valley farm. I went out of the farm, when I saw it arriving towards me. It was the first time I saw it here. I fired repeatedly above. The next day, I found it dead in front of the cave. It was after an aurora borealis.
  8. Thank-you. It is maybe connected to an update. It is the coal which I had stored on the floor in valley pleasant's farm a long moment ago. By wanting to use it for the fire, it did not appear any more in the combustible items, but now i can use it as some charcoal. I shall make out a will again, in my next visits of mines. I play the PS4 version, survival mode.
  9. I find that the routes of wolves and bears are too predictable. The path is always the same. Once understood the movement and the behavior, it is very easy to trap them. And you ?
  10. Hello I had collected a lot of coals in mines for the fire, but it's now unusable because it became of charcoal.
  11. I played on PC the story mode when it was released. I play now on PS4 in survival mode. With the updates, will it be interesting to begin again the story mode ?
  12. Hello, I have the Steam version but i would like to buy the PS4 version, no sold on the playstation store (Fr) ?