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  1. Yep, that's the same keyboard I have as well (love the color keys on it). I actually only have it enabled for a few games where I color code it or allow the game to as well. Instead, I always have it in the wave pattern I believe it is where the colors continuously change on the keyboard. It's the same with my mouse and mouse pad as well. Went for the whole set of it when I saw that they had it for keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.
  2. Yeah, it's the default setting. Heh, yeah 180 degree monitors ;). Actually they had I believe it was a 24 monitor 180 degree setup with 4 AMD cards playing Quake or something similar back a few years ago. Was crazy to see.
  3. I double checked and it's defaulted to 123 FOV (an odd number), but it doesn't seem too bad so I've had it left on that.
  4. Haha, no wolf...but those sneaky rabbits
  5. My setup with a cup of herbal tea ready to bear the frozen temps.
  6. A couple more screens that I took. Just love the graphic style in this game, so mesmerizing sometimes.
  7. I know I've usually been at the earliest about 30 days in between a trip and the mine has had coal again. Might be sooner than that though? I'm sure you can build a snow shelter, but as to how close it'd be I'm not sure. The only time I went to the forge in FM was with a sleeping bag and used that next to the forge as the bed was too far away to stay warm. I will say though I always take at least the light sleeping bag if I go on long trips (bear sleeping bag if it's going to be a cold trip outside and have the possibility of sleeping outside without having to start a fire). Interloper definitely has a need to go to forge and early on in your game since you have to make your hatchet, knife and arrowheads. I guess it all depends on where your primary base is located. However, with the outside location of forge with FM and the mine that doesn't have as much coal in it I'd still have to really recommend DP.
  8. Always have to go with Desolation point. An actual closed in forge where you can sleep at without having to light a fire (FM). Plus that and my base is almost always at CH, so a much quicker walk to the forge. Additionally, the mine is Desolation has a lot of coal you can use for your forge.
  9. Wait, but the homestead does have a crafting table.
  10. Warsaw


    As far as crafting them I think fat from animal kills would already be something to add easily (especially bears), the wick could be us tearing the cloth into pieces possibly and maybe getting 2-4 wicks for 1 piece of cloth? In regards to the other components I'm not really sure, maybe the candles without the alum just won't burn as long or keep shape for an extended duration.
  11. Some really good suggestions here that I like. It'd be interesting as well with the damaged shelters if you could repair technically any shelter you find that's been damaged (some might just take more materials to repair than others). Put that forge hammer to some real work =P.
  12. Warsaw

    A tent

    I like the idea but I wonder if it'd be hard for them to implement as far as the placement and model of it?
  13. Fishing marathon?! Shoot, you're ready for the end of the world and going into the Long Dark ;).