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  1. Tried yesterday with a lower resolution and the lowest details (was in native resolution and medium details) and it still crash / freeze my computer but after maybe 10 minutes.
  2. Hi, On Steam the minimum requirement for the video is an Intel HD Graphics 5000 which has no dedicated memory. This game worked fine for me with my dedicated GPU (Nvidia Geforce GT 330M , VRAM: 256Mo ) until recent releases (can't say exactly which one). Is it possible to get a refund since It is obvious I ain't be able to run this game when Story mode will be released, which is sad ? Here my computer specs and the Player.log content : system_profiler -detailLevel mini Audio: Intel High Definition Audio: Audio ID: 11 Headphone: Connectio
  3. Same problem with my MacBookPro mid-2010 15" since several releases. After a couple of second the game freeze and I must hard reboot my computer.