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  1. I am hoping a solution for that dilemma might be to make seasons and have them warm enough the perma frost is thawed, maybe besides the warm seasons you can do this in colder months still, maybe an ice pick would be necessay to get them out of the ice, or fire nnear them. just like the deer need to thaw out sometimes, another thing that might give people a reason to do this is if you can get a/some lower medium to higher quality base layer/s (common) mid layer/s (uncommon) and coat/s (rare). ps. I think this game is mature enough to handle the idea of cannibalism and immoral(sometimes necessary for survival) actions. Why not add the abiliity to eat the meat, use the bones for knives and other things like traps and stuff of the sort, hair and skin for clothing craft and intestines for string/rope making? I'm not trolling, I think this might actually make for a really interesting part of the story where you need to survive and have to eat this corpse and use all you can of the remains of this person to survive, maybe a cave is collapsed or you are stuck in a chasm or something else crazy.
  2. I will keep it short, just like the idea, USE THE MICROWAVE DURING THE AURORA ON PREDATOR MEAT SO IT GETS RID OF CHANCE OF PARASITES BY 100%, there, simple and elegant.
  3. I skimmed the post thinking that they were talking about December First AND talking about the update, now I see that it said August first and it was about Wintermute, not December First release of Rugged Sentinel, that is why I was worried because it said a week and it is the eighth today. Sorry, I see now, and as unfortunate as the wait is, I'm still excited for Thursday next week!!!
  4. That's my problem though, I don't HAVE steam, I have an Xbone. I wanted to know when it would be available for my xbox console.
  5. I was excited, I thought I was going to see the update today. How much longer will it be, like a couple hours, or days more?
  6. A good remedy for those who say that making an ammo press is unrealistic for this situation would be to make it another skill, there could be a military base area, or simply an ammo making work-space in any of the underground bunkers, you will need to get your skill in bullet making up to level two before it is safe to make bullets and up to level four before your bullets are accurate, level one bullets will have a 50% chance to explode into the player because the case wasn't closed, burning your face and blurring or blinding your vision for a couple of hours, or permenantly rendering you dead in the case you were completely blinded, making one that is too big will kill you immediately because it will backfire completely and impale you, and 30% will be if the bullet is too small, it will bounce so bad in the barrel it will damage the gun and fly very innaccurately that there would be a 0% chance of hitting the target, the other 20% chance is if you are right in front of the animal when it charges at you, and this will be the only chance to hit it. level 2 will cause less damage to your rifle than level 1 and it will not cause you damage anymore, you will still have to be right next to the animal though and it will have the same accuracy issues, level 3 will have smaller accuracy issues and can be shot at a distance to make killing deer possible and bears too, because shooting at bears at two and one will be impossible because of the distance issue and how many times you have to shoot, level 4 will make it as good as the regular bullets and level 5 will be more accurate than the normal bullets, have a higher critical hit chance, and it will also make it possible to pick up fully intact bullet casings and ballistic points, the cap will be missing still , but it will make it quicker to build the bullet again.
  7. I think that horses will be easy to leave alone to eat if you get the shovel in there, grass is always there even in winter, but its under snow and ice, so if you can just clear a spot, they can eat the grass that is dormant under the snow. So there is a use for a shovel! This should be a good thing to have.
  8. you can look up summary of wanted features and it will pop up
  9. It could be a minor detail that shows how a person handles grief, traumatic events loneliness and hardship. Implementing it is worthwhile, the way it is gone about is subjective but it ought to be in the game for use with NPC's. It would deter NPC's from becoming friends but keep you more alert to your surroundings where you are more nervous and afraid, it will also make you louder though when you talk to yourself, and you may become so unstable you kill yourself if you do not take good care of your mental state, you can also have other personality bars and dispositions as well as attributes and appearences, this would go ell with the other place where they talk of customizable players, where you can make yourself positive in areas you choose with a set amount of points which you earn through playing more, and later on you can change yourself more, because people change over time it would have a good feel, so this would be a small contributing factor in a larger idea called; characteristics, it would have your disposition mental state, strength, body type, facial features, color, scars, charisma, disposition, temperament, mindset and other attributes which you choose and later on get more points to decide what you want your character to be like, it will help in situations you have with animals, NPC's and yourself including your safety, health and wellbeing
  10. I have people in my family with mental disabilities I am not being grossly stereotypical, in fact I myself had a mental his ability that was minor enough to grow out of at a young age so that there in no need for even coping in fine now but its just a good idea since we know the world has dramatically changed, perhaps it will not reflect insanity but just trauma like ptsd where you are hypersensitive it will make you extra alert but look dangerous to the NPC's that's all I mean by this, understand me before you get too opinionated please. Do not cloud your mind with this we are simply here to make ideas and I believe showing the sad new world like this makes this idea a good addition.
  11. Please all of you here bring your ideas to the summary page they are great and aught to be implemented I am trying to make a comprehensible list and if its under my page I can do it better:)
  12. Put the horses idea into my summary page its noteworthy
  13. It will bring a lot to the table if implemented properly, for instance it can deter people to become allies if you look too unstable. That would liklnk to the NPC's I hope to see and have complex relationships to, it would be god to have a charisma bar too so that it will be easier to get more than one ally and a trustworthy group, so I am also making a point for NPC bars where you need to have a good group. This all needs to become more complex so bring this to my summary page. I want to make a list of implement worthy wishes and you got my attention:)
  14. I think it would play in nicely with the strong focus I see on morality and that leads me to the idea I saw of a emotion gauge , so eating mans best friend will have some rebuttal, you aren't without remorse. But I think that it shoul be an option to see ho far somebody would go to survive and feel it withou as little of a screen as possible.
  15. not like mad max but not like hey hows it going nice of you to stop by have some peaches fella:0 there needs to be a survival struggle and people need to lose humanity and some need to cling to it to have a good feel that life has changed dramatically. There will be emotion in them too and they will have a side to sympathize with and some will not and have gone rogue and crazy. Also i didn't say en"slavers" i said enclavers, people in a group, like a small village who band together and survive, I want them to have a market so you can get goods and hopefully have a place so survive with others, where the majority of NPC's will be hopefully. They will be the alternative to respawning items if the developers don't like the idea of respawning in one very large map only and so that you can't just camp out and wait for items but have to keep moving from town to town to get items and survive. I don't think its going in the mad max direction either because that was over the top ridiculous apocalypse, this is more artistic beautiful, artful made look on realistic survival in an apocalypse.