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  1. Subscribing to the thread, I have no sound after the intro too.
  2. Crouching didn’t help. But it doesn’t matter any more, since TLD doesn’t see any of my old saved games.
  3. I went to the dead end of the railroad in Forlorn Muskeg, wondered, if I can find a shelter there in the tunnel. Well, I got into the tunnel, but I couldn’t move out from there. I was allowed only half a step to the side and
  5. Devs, you can actually make this a feature, lol. Also make some Steam achievement for doing impossible, while it’s still alpha. On a side note, can you make corpses still breathe? Or make some other sounds like air escaping from cavities, some ‘Bzzzzzt!’ or ‘Pi-pi-pi! Pi-pi-pi!’. It is damn hard to find corpses under snow. Fixing pawsteps would be an alternative, but a less funny solution.
  6. The unpassable terrain I mentioned earlier was actually there, I just had move a long way around it. I suspect it to be an invisible part of the rock, which snow texture couldn’t be seen from there.
  7. Ha-ha, just kidding. The view from the top was pretty awesome. Down below you can notice the cleft, that didn’t allow me to get to the wolf earlier And here we are You damn fluff, you don’t know how many sprained ankles did it cost to get here Confirmed that wolves can drown in snow masses Life is beautiful again. But still problematic at Coastal Highway.
  8. In case you want some good markers of this spot.
  9. I now have confirmation, that wolves can go and die where the player can not reach them. On the way to Carter’s Dam I have placed a shot on a wolf and it started running. Eventually it has disappeared from my sight, but then I heard his steps on snow …somewhere behind me. And behind me was a rock. The map border. At first I couldn’t see it, but then… Slightly to the left of the centre of the screen, you can see a wolf stuck in the ridge. Apparently he found a place where even wolves can’t run. After four hours I have found its corpse lying still back where I’ve seen the wolf walking. O-okay! Now it’s time to harvest it! But how? The ridge seems unapproachable! Happily, to the left there was a snowy hill through which I could make my way up. Without any cheating. You can see the corpse slightly to the right of the centre And this is as far as I could get. That cleft didn’t allow me to harvest the corpse. Oh, well. Maybe I could jump to that ledge from above. Nope! If I can see through the rock, I am probably not supposed to be here. The terrain up there wasn’t passable at all, so I couldn’t play the king of the hill. So my proposition is – fix the wolf paths or at least remove that cleft.
  10. I wondered, if it already exists, but in the end I thought that it probably doesn’t. Now I see why.
  11. There is a difference in the game interface responsiveness Now: Move campfire here: red. Move campfire there: red. What the heck. Then: Move campfire here: red. Move campfire there: green. Let’s make campfire there. If I can place a campfire on a spot, I should be able to select that spot without walking up to it. New players do not understand why they see red campfire model wherever they move their mouse to place it. But when they are able to select a campfire spot, they will easily understand that placing it a mile away is not what they want. The problem now is that placing is restricted and anti-intuitive.
  12. 1. TRAINING MAP You should make a training map, which would teach the player how to interact with the game in certain situations. I personally went through the keybindings before starting my first game, but I completely forgot about the radial menu and didn’t know that there’s such a thing as a snow shelter until I’ve already played for tens of hours and lost many times to the frost. I’ve also seen other people around here forgetting about ’paper doll view’, which shows the state of clothes. Thankfully, I have used it well. And the training map I suggest to make, may be somewhat interactive. For that snow shelter, for example, it may spawn the player outside, then tell him to go to a house and collect some, cloth, then go outside to the middle of the forest, collect enough sticks, start middle blizzard on his head and tell the player: ‘Pal! It’s going dark and you’re going to freeze! You have almost no chances to return, because your footsteps were buried with snow, so make a snow shelter, while you still have these 72% of condition!’ Teach him that he can make tinder for sticks, bands and fishing tackles WITHOUT the workbench and light. 2. HOT WATER I don’t understand, why the hot water I did just boil, cannot be consumed as heated tea and provide me with warmth, so I could suffer less from the cold outside? That shouldn’t be hard to implement. 3. USE BED AND BEDROLL SIMULTANEOUSLY In real life, I sometimes used them at the same time for warmth. Why can’t I do so in The Long Dark? It’s only logical to use them both in the very cold places, such as Forestry lookout in Mystery lake, where the temperature inside may fall below zero. 4. MAKE PLACING THE CAMPFIRE SIMPLE I once wanted to start a campfire and almost froze to death seeing it always red, red and RED wherever I wanted to place it. I have lost 10% of my health (leaving me with only 20%), while trying to start a fire. I was in panic, but suddenly found out that I can only place it in the very close proximity from myself. THEN DAMN WHY I SEE THIS RED CAMPFIRE MODEL LIKE I CAN PLACE IT LITERALLY A MILE AWAY? I guess you should allow the player to start a campfire wherever it is actually possible, and if it’s not near him, then make the player go on autopilot to that place and start making the fire on the spot the player has selected. 5. MAKE THE WIND WORKING FOR THE PLAYER AND AGAINST HIM If the wind blows from the player’s side to a deer or a wolf side, a deer or a wolf should spot the player more easily/quickly. If the player runs away from the wolves in the wind/blizzard, and the wind blows from the wolves’ side, they should give up on finding him quicker. 6. LET THE PLAYER MAKE A CLOAK TO HIDE HIS APPEARANCE A coat and a hat made of moss/sticks should help the player to blend with nature when he leans to the trees, which in its turn should help him avoid being noticed by both predators and prey. Putting on and adjusting a clock should take a couple of minutes, so it would be stupid to put in on, when you’ve been spotted. Of course, moss and sticks alone wouldn’t make a proper cloak, one would have to bind them somehow… There can be two kinds of cloak – a simple one would be tucking sticks and moss in the player’s current clothes (or let him make a separate outfit for the cloak?) and a better cloak that is worn separately and is made on a workbench. 7. GIVE THE PLAYER A MAP My silly attempts to create a map of Mystery lake were so laughable that they were useless. Yes I connected some places, but creating a proper map requires weeks of stupid walking and still people with topographic idiocy like me wouldn’t be able to make a good map themselves. Everyone uses the maps from the wiki anyway, so adding a map in the game would change nothing in the gameplay. But for the game itself it would serve as a good characteristic: for today the player has to switch between the game window and his browser. Make the game better by removing this necessity! There’s nothing wrong in getting a map of Mystery lake at the Camp office, I’d say there should be a wall dedicated to the map. Oh, that’s a good idea too. Though a map on paper, that the player carries with him, is what I thought of initially. 8. LET THE PLAYER MAKE TARGETS TO PRACTISE THE BOW I find the bow unusable at its current state. On Stalker and above I wouldn’t pick it against a wolf – it’s only raison d’etre, because you can’t hit a deer from far away. The accuracy at no master lever is awfully bad, which makes me think, that it’d be better to make targets and practise on them first – mastership doesn’t seem to bump without successful hits, and getting them is nearly impossible on Stalker. Excuse me, but I consider going against a wolf on Stalker imbecility just for the purpose of honing bowmanship. I would do that when having at least 70% hp to get meat or a hide, but not for the bowmanship. No. I can’t imagine how much times should I put my life at risk just to get one level in it this way. No. 9. CHANGE THE WAY PLAYER GETS TIME I suppose that ’??? of day time left’ were introduced intentionally, because at dusk it’s hard to tell the time? That’s cool. But make it even better: force the player to get time by the use of certain devices using the sun (make a gnomon at his homestead and use his palm to check how much fingers above horizon is the sun). Also as a bonus add a rare item: mechanical watches with autowinding. Such watches may work for decades without service and are inexpensive in real life. But force the player calibrate the watches before he can use them by standing at noon at a sunny place while checking his own shadow (Noon is for GMT, for Canada probably lower). I really enjoyed checking the level of oxygen on my watch in the game Metro 2033, so introduce watches without fear: it is a fantastic feeling only adding the experience. And certainly easier, than implementing getting time from the nature. 10. LET THE PLAYER HIDE HIS SMELL WITH PUTTING SNOW IN HIS MOUTH I’m not sure whether it’s true, but I’ve seen it in some film, that hunters put snow in their mouth to hide the smell of a human from the animals. 11. USE GUN AND CROWBAR TO BREAK ICE This one is just a wish. If I am so rich (or stupid) that I can shoot to break ice, I want to do so. In case of using the rifle, there should appear 6–10 marks around the ice-hole – player shoots them, then he must use something (hands may be used too, but with a small risk of breaking and heavy wearing on the gloves) to break the ice. 12. HARVESTING CORPSES BY PARTS AND TAKING THEM HOME Allow the player to take rabbit corpses with him – they shouldn’t weigh so much, and dissecting them at home, in warmth, would safe time, that the player could spend outside. I mean that I can go outside, see that I’ve caught some rabbits, and take them with me instead of staying in the cold and losing condition. Chopping off a leg from a deer corpse would be fine, if it would take less time than dissecting. Would be useful to quickly harvest some meat before wolves spawned.
  13. When I have started Whiteout, I didn’t know the complete rules and stupidly assumed, that I am locked on Coastal highway. The food I collect must be fresh (at least above 0% or better 40%) to be qualified as passable for the stash I gather. I will have to actually make it through the storm that will go for several days (the red arrow on the calendar suggested me so). But when I completed it and went to read what people say about this challenge (maybe they knew some hints?) I’ve found, that one can complete it in damn 8 days. What’s the purpose then?.. Why do I collect all these things in the Garage, if I can leave that wolf-infested, though very beautiful place for some Mystery lake and stay there? So my suggestions are: The player must survive the final blizzard inside the garage with what he has collected. Let him go kill wolves or whatever if he needs to. And die from wounds, if he forgot to find antiseptic or collect hanging moss, that weren’t on the checklist. Make the collection harder by either reducing supplies that are overall found in the world, assuming that he’ll go travelling for a week; or locking him in Coastal highway, until he harvests a certain amount of certain supplies (say 80%, except for food and wood) from Coastal highway, or depletes the resource on this map – only then unlock other maps for him. Alternatively, respawn resources (such as bullets) 2–3 times on the map after several days, so one could save 15 or 25 or even 30 bullets while staying on Coastal highway. The only problem I have experienced (except disappearing wolf corpses) is wasting too much bullets in assumption I can always find them somewhere. At the day 22 I shot the last bullet and started to have a concern: ‘What if the purpose of this challenge is not to actually survive the blizzard with what I could collect (independently from whether did I collect everything from the checklist or not), but only to collect those items and complete the checklist?’ And, to my surprise, it was the latter. Ha-ha! I didn’t have to survive in the survival game, I only had to mark the checkboxes! So I made a dash to the Church at Desolation point to collect the bullets – also got poisoned by expired food on the way, because I stupidly assumed, that I have to save FRESH products for the stash – and returned to go fishing. So the bullets were the only problem for me, and only thanks to my own wastefulness. I must explicitly mention, that I had no problems with food and oil – by the end of the 27th day I had level 4 in cooking, which added 20% calories to everything I prepare, and the fish gave more oil than I needed. I filled two lanterns with spare oil.