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  1. Hi, good ideas Bjern. Maybe a sled can be used for transporting goods when traveling for long distances. Maybe you could build one from scrap metal, cloth, reclaimed wood and lines. I am thinking about something like this: It should cost you more calories when walk, and the walking speed should be reduced a bit i think. So you would only use it when necessary.
  2. Hi guys, One day I was following the blood trail of a wolf that had just attacked me. I found the wolf walking very slowly and almost dying. After a while the wolf stood still and was almost dying. I wasn't patient enough and walked towards the wolf. When I got too close the wolf attacked me again. But after the attack it ran away full speed like nothing happened. It looked like it was back to full health (while i was bleeding out this time, haha). Awesome game btw! Keep it up Cheers!